How to check if a file exists in Java

To determine whether a file is exist in your file system, use the Java IO File.exists().

public class FileChecker {
  public static void main(String args[]) {
	  File f = new File("c:\\mkyong.txt");
		  System.out.println("File existed");
		  System.out.println("File not found!");
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  • Rajeev

    Here is the right solution:
    if (new File(“/Path/To/File/YourFileName.txt”).exists()){


    If you are doing …
    File f = new File(“c:\\mkyong.txt”);
    and then checking the existence, it will always returns true because you are checking the existence after creating the file.

  • Dan

    @Piyush – If the file is remote you wouldn’t be telling the program to look for the file in the root of C:

  • Raymond

    This wont always work. f.exist also returns true when it’s a directory

  • Piyush

    What if the file is remote? The above code snippet may fail

  • Christian

    You just saved me a headache!!