In some cases, we have to convert String variable into a Byte array format, for example, JCE encryption. However how do we convert a Byte[] array to String afterward?

Simple toString() function like following code is not working property. It will not display the original text but byte value.

String s = bytes.toString();

In order to convert Byte array into String format correctly, we have to explicitly create a String object and assign the Byte array to it.

String s = new String(bytes);

public class TestByte
	public static void main(String[] argv) {

		    String example = "This is an example";
		    byte[] bytes = example.getBytes();

		    System.out.println("Text : " + example);
		    System.out.println("Text [Byte Format] : " + bytes);
		    System.out.println("Text [Byte Format] : " + bytes.toString());

		    String s = new String(bytes);
		    System.out.println("Text Decryted : " + s);



Text : This is an example
Text [Byte Format] : [B@187aeca
Text [Byte Format] : [B@187aeca
Text Decryted : This is an example