How to install Google Plugin for Eclipse

In this tutorials, we will show you how to install “Google Plugin for Eclipse“, in Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo).

1. Installation

In Eclipse 3.7, click “Help” –> “Install New Software…“, copy and paste following URL :
For other Eclipse version like 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, please refer to this GAE Eclipse documentation.

Figure : Select “Google Plugin for Eclipse (required), and Google App Engine SDK for Java.

install google plugin for eclipse 3.7
The Google App Engine Java SDK is optional, you can download it together with the plugin, Or, download manually from GAE website and link it to “Google Plugin for Eclipse” later.

2. Verification

Wait few minutes for the installation progress, when done, Eclipse prompts you to restart, click yes and the Google Plugin for Eclipse is installed.

Figure – A small Google icon is available in the Eclipse toolbar.

instal googe plugin for eclipse 3.7 success
Don’t use JRE 7
At this moment, don’t use JRE 7 runtime in Eclipse, it will caused the “Google Plugin for Eclipse” failed to install, and prompts you many “jar has been tampered” error message. See this thread.



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I installed successfully but i cannot able to view the google icon in my eclipse . let me know what happen


above link is outdated for eclipse plugin , get new URL from

Vipul Patel
Vipul Patel

please help me when i install google plugin i got this error :org.eclipse.m2e.core 0.0.0′ but it could not be found

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