JavaScript Call Funtion After Page Load

Usually we call a function during page on load with following two methods.

<body onload="happycode() ;">


window.onload=happycode ;

But how can we call a JavaScript function after page is loaded?. I solved it by using a very simple method, it did exactly what i want and call after page and content is loaded.

Just add an onload function at the end of the body. :)

<script language='javascript'>
function happycode(){
<h1>Javascript call after page loaded</h1>
//call after page loaded
window.onload=happycode ; 
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  • Harmeen Kaur Pannu

    Hi, there can you make javascript to disable Ctrl+U button my blog. I don’t want visitors to see focus keywords on my blog. People are copying keywords… please reply asap

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    Woah.. thanks bro. You solved my problem. Nice Work. Can you please send JavaScript to me in email to disable copy on my blog.? Waiting for your reply

  • http://a Suresh

    This code is not working in asp.netMvc4 .
    before loading its working not working after loading..

  • Farid Wong

    Loads of Thanks to mkyong!

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  • Jonathan

    I have a javascript which I would like to activate automatically when loading my facebook group.

    The code works fine if I go to my group on facebook and add it as a bookmark containing the javascript as its url.

    I want to know how I can place on my website with a hyperlink “click here” which takes them to my facebook group page and later activate the javascript?

    Some members are not browser savvy and take ages trying the method of creating a bookmark and making sure they click it whilst on the groups page or simply adding the javascript in the address bar. Just want it to be as automated as possible and have it as easy as clicking on a link on my page. This also works a charm in firefox so would be great if the code includes to use firefox. The perfect scenario would be not to have it restricted to firefox.

    I would state before clicking to download firefox if not already done so, but that is for me to worry with copy on the page. One thing to note is that i would like to have the javascript delay for a few seconds so it gives my group page time to load because they may have a slow internet connection.

    this is my javascript



    Danka, now I can be able to add the print function to one of my webpages so it automatically shows the printing prompt and let’s the user print out a christmas card I can create!

  • Aun Rizvi

    are you sure it is a standard way to do this? some browsers put the script inside the body automatically and when you get body.innerHTML you will also get the script tag !! refer this

    • mkyong

      I didn’t say this is a standard way :) I’m using it and it works well.

      • Peter Pandey

        Hi Yong Mook Kim
        This is very nice post, I am beginner in JavaScript so I know only you can solve my problem.
        My some of java script taking time to load.

        <script type="text/javascript">

        <script type="text/javascript">

        Please convert it to load after all page content load java script.

        Thanks in advance.

        • Peter Pandey

          Sir Please reply….

  • Tarik

    That is works. Thx. Additionally if u call more than one function you can use :

    window.onload = function () {

    on that style.

  • Aylian

    thnx bro u save my valubl time, keep this good bs.

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  • Hunter

    Works well if you only need the page to load; however, it will still execute before other elements are loaded (ie images).

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    Thatz great man.. now am loadimg my cpm advertise link with page load

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    works pretty fine. thanks!

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    Great code. I spent couple of hours to find it. That is what I need.

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    Simple and Brilliant. As they say “Hit the nail on its head”.

    Good that I found this tip before I pluck my hair :-)



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    same look it not work with external javescript function

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    Great that did the trick. As mkyong wrote, we sometimes think too much !!!

  • Matt

    There are many better ways of doing this. You can load your site even more faster by loading JavaScript files and references after content

  • Asa

    Brilliant! Thanks Mkyong!

    I work for a company that only allows me to edit blocks and won’t give me access to the website layout. I just installed a rotating image function in my block and your code activated it!

  • Neeraj

    No need to set window.onload function at the end of page…

  • Amal Roy

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  • ForumPoster

    Great, this would be handy if we could call out external javacript like this.

    For instance instead of putting this in our head (or at the bottom of the page):

    call this external sript from an onLoad.. but how?
    How can I call that external scipt only to be called/loaded after the page has loaeded?

  • mkyong

    article updated with full code provided. The “happycode” is a normal javascript function, the point is call this function at the end of the body.

    • Nil

      I am loading google chart. I want to call Javacript Print event after chart is loaded.
      Please hekp me thanks.

  • Kumar

    Please show me some sample code (more than shown above):


    //call after page loaded
    window.onload=happycode ;

    Where and how to define happycode? also where do you call

  • Heiner

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      ya sometime it’s just we think too much

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