ANSI characters and equivalent ANSI Number,Unicode, ANSI Hex, Unicode Hex and HTML Character.

The ANSI set of 217 characters, also known as Windows-1252, was the standard for the core fonts supplied with US versions of Microsoft Windows up to and including Windows 95 and Windows NT 4. During the lifetime of those two products, Microsoft added the euro currency symbol bringing the number of characters to 218, and introduced a new core set of Pan-European fonts containing the WGL4 (Windows Glyph List 4) character set, with 652 characters.

Here is a table that show ANSI characters and equivalent ANSI Number,Unicode, ANSI Hex, Unicode Hex and HTML Character. This is a good reference information.

Character ANSI
HTML 4.0
Unicode Name Unicode Range
‘ ‘ 32 32 0x20 U+0020 space Basic Latin
! 33 33 0x21 U+0021 exclamation mark Basic Latin
34 34 0x22 U+0022 " quotation mark Basic Latin
# 35 35 0x23 U+0023 number sign Basic Latin
$ 36 36 0x24 U+0024 dollar sign Basic Latin
% 37 37 0x25 U+0025 percent sign Basic Latin
& 38 38 0x26 U+0026 & ampersand Basic Latin
39 39 0x27 U+0027 apostrophe Basic Latin
( 40 40 0x28 U+0028 left parenthesis Basic Latin
) 41 41 0x29 U+0029 right parenthesis Basic Latin
* 42 42 0x2A U+002A asterisk Basic Latin
+ 43 43 0x2B U+002B plus sign Basic Latin
, 44 44 0x2C U+002C comma Basic Latin
45 45 0x2D U+002D hyphen-minus Basic Latin
. 46 46 0x2E U+002E full stop Basic Latin
/ 47 47 0x2F U+002F solidus Basic Latin
0 48 48 0x30 U+0030 digit zero Basic Latin
1 49 49 0x31 U+0031 digit one Basic Latin
2 50 50 0x32 U+0032 digit two Basic Latin
3 51 51 0x33 U+0033 digit three Basic Latin
4 52 52 0x34 U+0034 digit four Basic Latin
5 53 53 0x35 U+0035 digit five Basic Latin
6 54 54 0x36 U+0036 digit six Basic Latin
7 55 55 0x37 U+0037 digit seven Basic Latin
8 56 56 0x38 U+0038 digit eight Basic Latin
9 57 57 0x39 U+0039 digit nine Basic Latin
: 58 58 0x3A U+003A colon Basic Latin
; 59 59 0x3B U+003B semicolon Basic Latin
< 60 60 0x3C U+003C &lt; less-than sign Basic Latin
= 61 61 0x3D U+003D equals sign Basic Latin
> 62 62 0x3E U+003E &gt; greater-than sign Basic Latin
? 63 63 0x3F U+003F question mark Basic Latin
@ 64 64 0x40 U+0040 commercial at Basic Latin
A 65 65 0x41 U+0041 Latin capital letter A Basic Latin
B 66 66 0x42 U+0042 Latin capital letter B Basic Latin
C 67 67 0x43 U+0043 Latin capital letter C Basic Latin
D 68 68 0x44 U+0044 Latin capital letter D Basic Latin
E 69 69 0x45 U+0045 Latin capital letter E Basic Latin
F 70 70 0x46 U+0046 Latin capital letter F Basic Latin
G 71 71 0x47 U+0047 Latin capital letter G Basic Latin
H 72 72 0x48 U+0048 Latin capital letter H Basic Latin
I 73 73 0x49 U+0049 Latin capital letter I Basic Latin
J 74 74 0x4A U+004A Latin capital letter J Basic Latin
K 75 75 0x4B U+004B Latin capital letter K Basic Latin
L 76 76 0x4C U+004C Latin capital letter L Basic Latin
M 77 77 0x4D U+004D Latin capital letter M Basic Latin
N 78 78 0x4E U+004E Latin capital letter N Basic Latin
O 79 79 0x4F U+004F Latin capital letter O Basic Latin
P 80 80 0x50 U+0050 Latin capital letter P Basic Latin
Q 81 81 0x51 U+0051 Latin capital letter Q Basic Latin
R 82 82 0x52 U+0052 Latin capital letter R Basic Latin
S 83 83 0x53 U+0053 Latin capital letter S Basic Latin
T 84 84 0x54 U+0054 Latin capital letter T Basic Latin
U 85 85 0x55 U+0055 Latin capital letter U Basic Latin
V 86 86 0x56 U+0056 Latin capital letter V Basic Latin
W 87 87 0x57 U+0057 Latin capital letter W Basic Latin
X 88 88 0x58 U+0058 Latin capital letter X Basic Latin
Y 89 89 0x59 U+0059 Latin capital letter Y Basic Latin
Z 90 90 0x5A U+005A Latin capital letter Z Basic Latin
[ 91 91 0x5B U+005B left square bracket Basic Latin
\ 92 92 0x5C U+005C reverse solidus Basic Latin
] 93 93 0x5D U+005D right square bracket Basic Latin
^ 94 94 0x5E U+005E circumflex accent Basic Latin
_ 95 95 0x5F U+005F low line Basic Latin
` 96 96 0x60 U+0060 grave accent Basic Latin
a 97 97 0x61 U+0061 Latin small letter a Basic Latin
b 98 98 0x62 U+0062 Latin small letter b Basic Latin
c 99 99 0x63 U+0063 Latin small letter c Basic Latin
d 100 100 0x64 U+0064 Latin small letter d Basic Latin
e 101 101 0x65 U+0065 Latin small letter e Basic Latin
f 102 102 0x66 U+0066 Latin small letter f Basic Latin
g 103 103 0x67 U+0067 Latin small letter g Basic Latin
h 104 104 0x68 U+0068 Latin small letter h Basic Latin
i 105 105 0x69 U+0069 Latin small letter i Basic Latin
j 106 106 0x6A U+006A Latin small letter j Basic Latin
k 107 107 0x6B U+006B Latin small letter k Basic Latin
l 108 108 0x6C U+006C Latin small letter l Basic Latin
m 109 109 0x6D U+006D Latin small letter m Basic Latin
n 110 110 0x6E U+006E Latin small letter n Basic Latin
o 111 111 0x6F U+006F Latin small letter o Basic Latin
p 112 112 0x70 U+0070 Latin small letter p Basic Latin
q 113 113 0x71 U+0071 Latin small letter q Basic Latin
r 114 114 0x72 U+0072 Latin small letter r Basic Latin
s 115 115 0x73 U+0073 Latin small letter s Basic Latin
t 116 116 0x74 U+0074 Latin small letter t Basic Latin
u 117 117 0x75 U+0075 Latin small letter u Basic Latin
v 118 118 0x76 U+0076 Latin small letter v Basic Latin
w 119 119 0x77 U+0077 Latin small letter w Basic Latin
x 120 120 0x78 U+0078 Latin small letter x Basic Latin
y 121 121 0x79 U+0079 Latin small letter y Basic Latin
z 122 122 0x7A U+007A Latin small letter z Basic Latin
{ 123 123 0x7B U+007B left curly bracket Basic Latin
| 124 124 0x7C U+007C vertical line Basic Latin
} 125 125 0x7D U+007D right curly bracket Basic Latin
~ 126 126 0x7E U+007E tilde Basic Latin
127 127 0x7F U+007F (not used)
128 8364 0x80 U+20AC &euro; euro sign Currency Symbols
129 129 0x81 U+0081 (not used)
130 8218 0x82 U+201A &sbquo; single low-9 quotation mark General Punctuation
ƒ 131 402 0x83 U+0192 &fnof; Latin small letter f with hook Latin Extended-B
132 8222 0x84 U+201E &bdquo; double low-9 quotation mark General Punctuation
133 8230 0x85 U+2026 &hellip; horizontal ellipsis General Punctuation
134 8224 0x86 U+2020 &dagger; dagger General Punctuation
135 8225 0x87 U+2021 &Dagger; double dagger General Punctuation
ˆ 136 710 0x88 U+02C6 &circ; modifier letter circumflex accent Spacing Modifier Letters
137 8240 0x89 U+2030 &permil; per mille sign General Punctuation
Š 138 352 0x8A U+0160 &Scaron; Latin capital letter S with caron Latin Extended-A
139 8249 0x8B U+2039 &lsaquo; single left-pointing angle quotation mark General Punctuation
Π140 338 0x8C U+0152 &OElig; Latin capital ligature OE Latin Extended-A
141 141 0x8D U+008D (not used)
Ž 142 381 0x8E U+017D Latin capital letter Z with caron Latin Extended-A
143 143 0x8F U+008F (not used)
144 144 0x90 U+0090 (not used)
145 8216 0x91 U+2018 &lsquo; left single quotation mark General Punctuation
146 8217 0x92 U+2019 &rsquo; right single quotation mark General Punctuation
147 8220 0x93 U+201C &ldquo; left double quotation mark General Punctuation
148 8221 0x94 U+201D &rdquo; right double quotation mark General Punctuation
149 8226 0x95 U+2022 &bull; bullet General Punctuation
150 8211 0x96 U+2013 &ndash; en dash General Punctuation
151 8212 0x97 U+2014 &mdash; em dash General Punctuation
˜ 152 732 0x98 U+02DC &tilde; small tilde Spacing Modifier Letters
153 8482 0x99 U+2122 &trade; trade mark sign Letterlike Symbols
š 154 353 0x9A U+0161 &scaron; Latin small letter s with caron Latin Extended-A
155 8250 0x9B U+203A &rsaquo; single right-pointing angle quotation mark General Punctuation
œ 156 339 0x9C U+0153 &oelig; Latin small ligature oe Latin Extended-A
157 157 0x9D U+009D (not used)
ž 158 382 0x9E U+017E Latin small letter z with caron Latin Extended-A
Ÿ 159 376 0x9F U+0178 &Yuml; Latin capital letter Y with diaeresis Latin Extended-A
160 160 0xA0 U+00A0 &nbsp; no-break space Latin-1 Supplement
¡ 161 161 0xA1 U+00A1 &iexcl; inverted exclamation mark Latin-1 Supplement
¢ 162 162 0xA2 U+00A2 &cent; cent sign Latin-1 Supplement
£ 163 163 0xA3 U+00A3 &pound; pound sign Latin-1 Supplement
¤ 164 164 0xA4 U+00A4 &curren; currency sign Latin-1 Supplement
¥ 165 165 0xA5 U+00A5 &yen; yen sign Latin-1 Supplement
¦ 166 166 0xA6 U+00A6 &brvbar; broken bar Latin-1 Supplement
§ 167 167 0xA7 U+00A7 &sect; section sign Latin-1 Supplement
¨ 168 168 0xA8 U+00A8 &uml; diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
© 169 169 0xA9 U+00A9 &copy; copyright sign Latin-1 Supplement
ª 170 170 0xAA U+00AA &ordf; feminine ordinal indicator Latin-1 Supplement
« 171 171 0xAB U+00AB &laquo; left-pointing double angle quotation mark Latin-1 Supplement
¬ 172 172 0xAC U+00AC &not; not sign Latin-1 Supplement
­ 173 173 0xAD U+00AD &shy; soft hyphen Latin-1 Supplement
® 174 174 0xAE U+00AE &reg; registered sign Latin-1 Supplement
¯ 175 175 0xAF U+00AF &macr; macron Latin-1 Supplement
° 176 176 0xB0 U+00B0 &deg; degree sign Latin-1 Supplement
± 177 177 0xB1 U+00B1 &plusmn; plus-minus sign Latin-1 Supplement
² 178 178 0xB2 U+00B2 &sup2; superscript two Latin-1 Supplement
³ 179 179 0xB3 U+00B3 &sup3; superscript three Latin-1 Supplement
´ 180 180 0xB4 U+00B4 &acute; acute accent Latin-1 Supplement
µ 181 181 0xB5 U+00B5 &micro; micro sign Latin-1 Supplement
182 182 0xB6 U+00B6 &para; pilcrow sign Latin-1 Supplement
· 183 183 0xB7 U+00B7 &middot; middle dot Latin-1 Supplement
¸ 184 184 0xB8 U+00B8 &cedil; cedilla Latin-1 Supplement
¹ 185 185 0xB9 U+00B9 &sup1; superscript one Latin-1 Supplement
º 186 186 0xBA U+00BA &ordm; masculine ordinal indicator Latin-1 Supplement
» 187 187 0xBB U+00BB &raquo; right-pointing double angle quotation mark Latin-1 Supplement
¼ 188 188 0xBC U+00BC &frac14; vulgar fraction one quarter Latin-1 Supplement
½ 189 189 0xBD U+00BD &frac12; vulgar fraction one half Latin-1 Supplement
¾ 190 190 0xBE U+00BE &frac34; vulgar fraction three quarters Latin-1 Supplement
¿ 191 191 0xBF U+00BF &iquest; inverted question mark Latin-1 Supplement
À 192 192 0xC0 U+00C0 &Agrave; Latin capital letter A with grave Latin-1 Supplement
Á 193 193 0xC1 U+00C1 &Aacute; Latin capital letter A with acute Latin-1 Supplement
 194 194 0xC2 U+00C2 &Acirc; Latin capital letter A with circumflex Latin-1 Supplement
à 195 195 0xC3 U+00C3 &Atilde; Latin capital letter A with tilde Latin-1 Supplement
Ä 196 196 0xC4 U+00C4 &Auml; Latin capital letter A with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
Å 197 197 0xC5 U+00C5 &Aring; Latin capital letter A with ring above Latin-1 Supplement
Æ 198 198 0xC6 U+00C6 &AElig; Latin capital letter AE Latin-1 Supplement
Ç 199 199 0xC7 U+00C7 &Ccedil; Latin capital letter C with cedilla Latin-1 Supplement
È 200 200 0xC8 U+00C8 &Egrave; Latin capital letter E with grave Latin-1 Supplement
É 201 201 0xC9 U+00C9 &Eacute; Latin capital letter E with acute Latin-1 Supplement
Ê 202 202 0xCA U+00CA &Ecirc; Latin capital letter E with circumflex Latin-1 Supplement
Ë 203 203 0xCB U+00CB &Euml; Latin capital letter E with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
Ì 204 204 0xCC U+00CC &Igrave; Latin capital letter I with grave Latin-1 Supplement
Í 205 205 0xCD U+00CD &Iacute; Latin capital letter I with acute Latin-1 Supplement
Î 206 206 0xCE U+00CE &Icirc; Latin capital letter I with circumflex Latin-1 Supplement
Ï 207 207 0xCF U+00CF &Iuml; Latin capital letter I with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
Ð 208 208 0xD0 U+00D0 &ETH; Latin capital letter Eth Latin-1 Supplement
Ñ 209 209 0xD1 U+00D1 &Ntilde; Latin capital letter N with tilde Latin-1 Supplement
Ò 210 210 0xD2 U+00D2 &Ograve; Latin capital letter O with grave Latin-1 Supplement
Ó 211 211 0xD3 U+00D3 &Oacute; Latin capital letter O with acute Latin-1 Supplement
Ô 212 212 0xD4 U+00D4 &Ocirc; Latin capital letter O with circumflex Latin-1 Supplement
Õ 213 213 0xD5 U+00D5 &Otilde; Latin capital letter O with tilde Latin-1 Supplement
Ö 214 214 0xD6 U+00D6 &Ouml; Latin capital letter O with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
× 215 215 0xD7 U+00D7 &times; multiplication sign Latin-1 Supplement
Ø 216 216 0xD8 U+00D8 &Oslash; Latin capital letter O with stroke Latin-1 Supplement
Ù 217 217 0xD9 U+00D9 &Ugrave; Latin capital letter U with grave Latin-1 Supplement
Ú 218 218 0xDA U+00DA &Uacute; Latin capital letter U with acute Latin-1 Supplement
Û 219 219 0xDB U+00DB &Ucirc; Latin capital letter U with circumflex Latin-1 Supplement
Ü 220 220 0xDC U+00DC &Uuml; Latin capital letter U with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
Ý 221 221 0xDD U+00DD &Yacute; Latin capital letter Y with acute Latin-1 Supplement
Þ 222 222 0xDE U+00DE &THORN; Latin capital letter Thorn Latin-1 Supplement
ß 223 223 0xDF U+00DF &szlig; Latin small letter sharp s Latin-1 Supplement
à 224 224 0xE0 U+00E0 &agrave; Latin small letter a with grave Latin-1 Supplement
á 225 225 0xE1 U+00E1 &aacute; Latin small letter a with acute Latin-1 Supplement
â 226 226 0xE2 U+00E2 &acirc; Latin small letter a with circumflex Latin-1 Supplement
ã 227 227 0xE3 U+00E3 &atilde; Latin small letter a with tilde Latin-1 Supplement
ä 228 228 0xE4 U+00E4 &auml; Latin small letter a with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
å 229 229 0xE5 U+00E5 &aring; Latin small letter a with ring above Latin-1 Supplement
æ 230 230 0xE6 U+00E6 &aelig; Latin small letter ae Latin-1 Supplement
ç 231 231 0xE7 U+00E7 &ccedil; Latin small letter c with cedilla Latin-1 Supplement
è 232 232 0xE8 U+00E8 &egrave; Latin small letter e with grave Latin-1 Supplement
é 233 233 0xE9 U+00E9 &eacute; Latin small letter e with acute Latin-1 Supplement
ê 234 234 0xEA U+00EA &ecirc; Latin small letter e with circumflex Latin-1 Supplement
ë 235 235 0xEB U+00EB &euml; Latin small letter e with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
ì 236 236 0xEC U+00EC &igrave; Latin small letter i with grave Latin-1 Supplement
í 237 237 0xED U+00ED &iacute; Latin small letter i with acute Latin-1 Supplement
î 238 238 0xEE U+00EE &icirc; Latin small letter i with circumflex Latin-1 Supplement
ï 239 239 0xEF U+00EF &iuml; Latin small letter i with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
ð 240 240 0xF0 U+00F0 &eth; Latin small letter eth Latin-1 Supplement
ñ 241 241 0xF1 U+00F1 &ntilde; Latin small letter n with tilde Latin-1 Supplement
ò 242 242 0xF2 U+00F2 &ograve; Latin small letter o with grave Latin-1 Supplement
ó 243 243 0xF3 U+00F3 &oacute; Latin small letter o with acute Latin-1 Supplement
ô 244 244 0xF4 U+00F4 &ocirc; Latin small letter o with circumflex Latin-1 Supplement
õ 245 245 0xF5 U+00F5 &otilde; Latin small letter o with tilde Latin-1 Supplement
ö 246 246 0xF6 U+00F6 &ouml; Latin small letter o with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
÷ 247 247 0xF7 U+00F7 &divide; division sign Latin-1 Supplement
ø 248 248 0xF8 U+00F8 &oslash; Latin small letter o with stroke Latin-1 Supplement
ù 249 249 0xF9 U+00F9 &ugrave; Latin small letter u with grave Latin-1 Supplement
ú 250 250 0xFA U+00FA &uacute; Latin small letter u with acute Latin-1 Supplement
û 251 251 0xFB U+00FB &ucirc; Latin small letter with circumflex Latin-1 Supplement
ü 252 252 0xFC U+00FC &uuml; Latin small letter u with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement
ý 253 253 0xFD U+00FD &yacute; Latin small letter y with acute Latin-1 Supplement
þ 254 254 0xFE U+00FE &thorn; Latin small letter thorn Latin-1 Supplement
ÿ 255 255 0xFF U+00FF &yuml; Latin small letter y with diaeresis Latin-1 Supplement

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