Hibernate tutorials

Hibernate, created by Gavin King, known as the best and dominated object/relational persistence (ORM) tool for Java developers (Now is support .NET). It provides many elegant and innovative ways to simplifies the relational database handling task in Java.

Hibernate is great at a lot of things, but its something that needs to be used appropriately. In this tutorials, it providing many step by step examples and explanations on using Hibernate3.

P.S Tutorials are updated to Hibernate v3.6.1.Final.

Hibernate Quick Start

Hello World example to experience the Hibernate framework.

Hibernate Association (Table Relationship)

How to define table relationship one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-may in Hibernate.

Hibernate / JBoss Tools + Eclipse IDE

Learn how to use the Hibernate tools is a must!

Hibernate Logging

How to do logging in Hibernate

Hibernate Connection Pool

How to configure database connection pool in Hibernate

Hibernate Cascade

Hibernate cascade is use to manage the state of the other side automatically.

Hibernate Query Language (HQL)

Hibernate own language for the data manipulation, it’s quite similar to database SQL language.

Hibernate Criteria

Hibernate Criteria API is an alternative to Hibernate Query Language (HQL). It’s always a good solution in many optional search criteria.

Hibernate Native SQL

In some scenarios, Hibernate HQL or Criteria is just not enough to do what you want, here you can use the native database SQL language directly.

Hibernate Named Query

Named Query lets developers put the HQL into XML mapping file or annotation for maintainability purpose, you just do not want all your HQL syntax scatter all over the Java code. :)

Hibernate Transaction

All things related to Hibernate Transaction

Hibernate Advance Technique

Some Hibernate Advance technique, seldom use but practical skills (data filter and interceptor).

Hibernate Performance

Some tweaks will make your Hibernate run faster :)

Integrate Hibernate with Other Frameworks

Examples to integrate Hibernate with other frameworks.

Hibernate FAQ

Some frequence answer questions :

Hibernate Common Errors

Here are list of the common errors messages in Hibernate development.

Off Topic

Hibernate References