In JAX-RS, for excel file, annotate the method with @Produces("application/") :

  1. Put @Produces(“application/”) on service method.
  2. Set “Content-Disposition” in Response header to prompt a download box.

1. Download Excel file in JAX-RS

Full example to download an excel file from JAX-RS.

public class ExcelService {
	private static final String FILE_PATH = "c:\\excel-file.xls";
	public Response getFile() {
		File file = new File(FILE_PATH);
		ResponseBuilder response = Response.ok((Object) file);
			"attachment; filename=new-excel-file.xls");

2. Demo

Access this URI pattern : “/excel/get“.

Figure : Excel file “c:\\excel-file.xls” from server is prompted for user to download, with a new file name “new-excel-file.xls

download excel file from server

Download Source Code


  1. JAX-RS @Produces JavaDoc
  2. list of the Application types
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