ClassNotFoundException : com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.ServletContainer


In Jersey development, hit following error message on Tomcat.

SEVERE: Servlet /RESTfulExample threw load() exception
  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.ServletContainer
  at org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader.loadClass(
  at org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader.loadClass(

Here’s the Maven pom.xml



The “com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.ServletContainer” is included in “jersey-server.jar“, not “jersey-core.jar“.

Actually, to develop REST service with Jersey, you just need to include “jersey-server.jar“, it will download the “jersey-core.jar” dependency automatically.

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  • Deco Oliveira

    Thanks a lot

  • Ali Saleh


    I am using Jersey 1.17 and in this version, they moved the class to another Jar (jersey-servlet)

    so the POM must have 3 entries now:




    and that should solve the issue for new Jersey versions.


  • abhishek

    gr8 tutorial i can now able to create rest services for both xml and json.
    but when i tried with my services to support both type (XML + json )it is not working what extra jar and web-xml entry is needed to achive this.
    any one has any idea.

  • Naveen Babu


    I am using JDK 1.5. I am not able to find the jersey servlet jar which is compatible for JDK 1.5.

    Could you please help me on this.

  • Reza

    I’ve tried this tutorial using eclipse juno + maven 3.0 + tomcat7, but I’m still get the error even the jars (jersey-server, jersey-servlet, jersey-bundle) are already there.

    • Reza

      sorry, it seems I’ve made a typo on web.xml. And now everything works fine :)
      thank for your tutorial.

  • http://[email protected] Geoff

    @Suraj Chandran

    Your solution worked for me. Thanks a ton!

  • mazhar

    I tried to run the Hello world program but getting a
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jboss.resteasy.plugins.server.servlet.ResteasyBootstrap

    please help

  • Naga

    Hey could you please post jersy example with embeded jetty i can find examples any where

  • Kausal Malladi

    I am trying to implement a Hello World application using Jersey but no luck.
    I am getting the following error. I am not using maven. Can you help me with a workaround?
    SEVERE: Servlet /NameSearch threw load() exception
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.ServletContainer
    For details of how I implemented the app, please visit the link:

  • http://[email protected] Jose Ayerdis

    The “com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.ServletContainer” is included in “jersey-server.jar“, not “jersey-core.jar“.

    No this class is included in jersey-core but when you added to pom.xml it download the dependency jersey-core.

  • Suraj Chandran

    Note that the new versions of jersey-server does not contain this class, as they have abstracted out it in jersey-servlet.
    So you will have to explicitly add jersey-servlet:


    • Dev

      Thanks Suraj. This tip fixed my problem!

  • sapna

    thanks it helped me a lot :)

  • Juliet


  • Triguna

    Thanks that worked for me.

    • Triguna

      Hey It didnt work for me as I thought it worked. I am still getting the same error. Can you help me? I am using your RESTfulExample code.

  • Priyanka

    I added jersey-bundle1.12.jar and it started working.. you can try the same..

    • adekcz

      Yes, they moved some class, up to date solution is to add jersey-bundle1.12.jar or as name suggest jersey-servlet1.12.jar, both should work.