How to configure Proxy Settings in Eclipse

Often times, Eclipse IDE may need access to the Internet for some plugins install and update. If your computer is behind a proxy server, most company do, Eclipse will keep hanging and take very long time to process and failed at the end. You have to configure the proxy settings in Eclipse in order to pass through it.

Howh to configure Proxy Settings in Eclipse

1) In Eclipse IDE, select “Window –> Preferences”

2) Preferences box prompt out, choose “Network Connections”.

3) Select “Manual” from Action Provider drop down list


4) Select Http in the List and click “Edit” button

5) Fill in the proxy server host and port number, (fill in the username and password if any)


6) Ok, Done.

Now, Eclipse is able to connect to Internet and pass through Proxy server.

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  • Cyril

    Thank you very much it is worked for me…

  • ibo

    proxy bypass, you have to remove them, localhost and, and it will work.

  • ibo

    you have to delete localhost and, it will work. it works with me.
    withtout server and port,… only delete down , the localhost and
    have a nice day,

  • Harsha

    Hi, I am not able to still connect through eclipse. I am not able to uncheck the socks connection and keeping it manual and running it gives an error saying UnreachableBrowserException. Error contacting the remote browser. It may have died. Is there any other thing or option to configure??

  • Walter C


  • Alfred Bfred

    This works quite perfect. Thanks alot

  • Victor S

    Great help. Thanks.

  • Marek Sebera

    Good point is not to configure SOCKS proxy if the proxy actually doesn’t support it.
    Configure just HTTP and HTTPS and clear SOCKS

    • AjayKumarBasuthkar

      Hi Marek Sebera,

      After three days of fiddling this really worked!!!
      Kind of you.

  • Nashrul

    hello, this is nice tutorial. thanks a lot

  • corporategirl

    Hello, nice documentment, how do you trace the proxy connection from eclipse?
    What trace strings should we set in the .options file?
    should that be
    Thank in advance

  • Rujvendra

    thanks,one of the nice tutorial

  • Ehab

    thank you, very helpful

  • Harry

    Thanks for your trouble, appreciate it.

  • mike

    Just interesting.
    When i want to update eclipse i set “active provider” to “manual”.
    If i want to connect to inner svn server i should check “active provider” to “native”.
    Then all works fine.
    Is there any way to do it automatically?

  • mike


  • hung ho

    Thanks man!

  • Malith

    unfortunately this is not working for me

  • Sim


  • Stephen Young

    Thanks! Helpful and too the point!

  • kangkan

    thanx a lot!

    • mkyong

      Welcome, good to know it help.

      • waleed

        THNK u very mutch

  • Manisha

    Thanks…it was really helpful :)

  • Cecil

    Thanks – Very helpful.

  • huu

    please ,can you help me on how to configure eclipse 3.7 indigo to connect to the internet through proxy in ubuntu 11.10?.I have been trying and googling without success.
    how to disable socks port?.
    thank you for your help.

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  • Siddharth


  • Tanujit


  • Ranjith


  • Harish

    Port number is very unclear.

    • mkyong

      May be know what should improve to make it “clear”?

  • Bikash

    thanks a ton.

  • Promit

    After I try to configure proxy settings with the above steps and then I configure the application server, the server is in stopped, synchronised state.

    Sm this approach is not successfull.

    Please suggest and alternative..

  • enrico visentin

    I wonder if there is any way of configuring eclipse proxy settings via an autoproxy configuration script

    • Vikram

      Hi Enrico,

      Just wanted to know if you figured this out….I am having the same issue…Although all major browsers have this capability to connect via an autoproxy configuration script, I did not see Eclipse is capable of that yet (using Eclipse Helios). I can browse using a browser but cannot connect using Eclipse. This is particularly a pain if you are using Maven2 with Eclipse and there is no local repository yet…
      Please do let me know if you found any work around.

      • Andries

        Hi Vikram,
        You will just need to set the proxy manual as defined in the autoconfiguration script. To do this just download the script by copying the script location (like in your webbrowser and open the script in a text editor (it is plain text file). Somewhere in the script it will say something like return “PROXY″
        hope this helps

        • aldo

          Great Mkyong
          thank you very much!