wicket tutorial

Apache Wicket is a simple and features rich component-based web framework, the real reusable components is the main selling point of this framework. However, due to the big different between component-based and MVC architecture, it makes Wicket hard to learn, especially for those classic MVC developers.

In this tutorials, it providing many step by step examples and explanations on using Apache Wicket 1.4.

Basic & Configuration

Wicket hello world, basic stuff and URL configuration.


Wicket model examples, to bind from components to object property, and vise verse.

Form Components

Wicket form component examples.


Custom validator in Wicket.

Wicket Integration

Integrate Wicket with others.


Some common FAQs in Wicket.

Common Errors

Some common error messages in Wicket.

Wicket References

What’s Next?

To study more topics on Wicket frameworks, I recommend below two great Wicket books.

Wicket in Action
Apache Wicket Cookbook