Wicket Tutorial

wicket tutorial

Apache Wicket is a simple and features rich component-based web framework, the real reusable components is the main selling point of this framework. However, due to the big different between component-based and MVC architecture, it makes Wicket hard to learn, especially for those classic MVC developers.

In this tutorials, it providing many step by step examples and explanations on using Apache Wicket 1.4.

Basic & Configuration

Wicket hello world, basic stuff and URL configuration.


Wicket model examples, to bind from components to object property, and vise verse.

Form Components

Wicket form component examples.


Custom validator in Wicket.

Wicket Integration

Integrate Wicket with others.


Some common FAQs in Wicket.

Common Errors

Some common error messages in Wicket.

Wicket References

What’s Next?

To study more topics on Wicket frameworks, I recommend below two great Wicket books.

Wicket in Action
Apache Wicket Cookbook
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    In all honesty this is a wonderful detailed article nonetheless as with every great authors there are a few items that might be labored after. Yet by no means the actual much less it absolutely was intriguing.

  • Lakshmi

    Please teach me how to create Menu in wicket

  • http://lemcke.com Hajo

    Nice tutorial. Thanks for some easy to use ideas :-)

    I’m stuck with the problem to display a grid of small pictures (used for a picture based captcha). The pictures are loaded randomly from the database. So I have each of them in a byte[] array and no clue how to display them in some kind of table or grid structure.

    Any hint would be highly appreciated!

    Best Regards


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  • rajeev
    i have downloaded wicket sm2w pluglin from source forge but I am not able to install and use it please guide me on this
  • Arun

    Is it possible to do web service composition using wickets??

  • Arun

    is it possibleto do web service composition using wickets

  • http://oracleadf.blogfa.com/ Amir

    It sounds Netbeans has some problems with wicket. despite Netbeans Plug-in for wicket I couldn’t integrate wicket1.4 with spring . I try to solve this problem for more than one week .

  • Anjali

    In wicket-Srping MVC integration, can you tell me how to pass the control from wicket page to Spring Controller?

  • Sudeep Shakya

    I have found that “org.apache.wicket.markup.html.resources” package is not available in the wicket-core library in wicket 1.5.3 plugin for netbeans 7.1.1.
    Is there any way to add the package????????

  • Sudeep Shakya

    I am using Netbeans 7.1.1 and i have installed Wicket 1.5.3 and I am a beginner. And find wicket easy to learn.
    I am having a problem with a package. I used the package org.apache.wicket.markup.html.resources.StyleSheetReference but it is not recognized.