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testng tutorials

TestNG (Next Generation) is a testing framework which, inspired by JUnit and NUnit, but introducing many new innovative functionality like dependency testing, grouping concept to make testing more powerful and easier to do. It is designed to cover all categories of tests: unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, etc…

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  • Rafael

    That said: TestNG has so many bugs and few of them are getting fixed. I generally recommend to not use TestNG if it is not absolutely required.

  • saurabh shukla

    Can you please explain the working of TestNG with Listeners & Reporters and XSLT Reports.

  • gowtham

    Hi mkyong, how to mock database with testng .. Am using struts2 framework .. Really got stuck .. Please do guide me ..

  • venkatesh

    can u send the webdriver testcase for validation of registration page.(contains dropdown,editbox,radiobuttons,listbox,buttons.)

  • Tom

    Thank you for this tutorial – quick and effective. This is exactly what I was looking for.

  • mktyagi

    Hi yong,

    what is the best api for mock testing with testNG?


  • Venkata

    Thank you. This is very helpful!

  • Sumith

    I was using TestNG for running my Silk4J tests. I was able to run the individual tests, but while running as a suit i am facing some issues.

    While running as a suit, the methods in the @BeforeMethod and @AfterMethod sections are not working… What might be the reason for this…

  • Asha

    Can testNG provide the output of on an ANDROID EMulator connected to Eclipse?

    • zain