struts tutorials

Struts 1.x is the most famous, classic and proven Model-View-Contraller (MVC) framework. Often times, you will listen something like, meaningless to learn Struts 1.x, it’s a dead framework. However, with the huge success of Struts 1.x in early day, there are still hundreds of thousand companies are implemented Struts 1.x, and never consider upgrade, so the Struts 1.x is still causing many maintainability.

Struts 1.x is a complete web framework, provides complete web form components, validator, internalization, error handling, tiles layout, low learning curve and easy to implement it. In this tutorials, it provides many step by step examples and explanations on using Struts 1.x MVC framework.

Happy learning Struts. :)

Struts Quick Start

Let’s go through a quick start to understand about the Struts 1.x framework.

Struts Configuration

All stuffs about Struts configuration.

Struts Action & ActionForm

Action and ActionForm implementation class.

Struts Web Form Components

Struts has complete support for all standard web form components.

Struts Logic Tags

Struts comes with a lot logic tags to ease the bean component iteration or conditional processing.

Struts Error and Logging

Exception handling and error logging.

Struts localization

Struts has good support in internationalizing or localization.

Struts Validator Framework

In Struts validator framework, it provides many generic methods (required, maxlength, minlength..) to validate the form components, it makes your validation code more standardize and easier to maintain.

  • Struts validator example
    A simple user registration form , and validate the username, password and email field with Struts validator.

Struts Tiles Framework

Struts tiles framework is a powerful layout framework, which is used to maintain a standard look of header, footer or menu details across all of your web pages.

  • Struts Tiles framework example
    A simple web application to demonstrate the use the Sturts tiles framework to change the header and footer page easily.

Struts Integrate with Other Frameworks

Anything about the Struts integration with others framework.

Struts Misc

Others Struts examples.

Struts Common Errors

Some Struts common error messages.

Struts Reference