jQuery Tutorial

jQuery Tutorials

jQuery is a small 24k (minified) JavaScript library, provides an extremely easy and powerful selectors to select almost anything you want in HTML page. In addition, it also comes with many innovative ways for DOM traversing, event handling (form, browser, mouse ,keyboard), animations effects and Ajax to simplifies the web development. It will definitely change the way you code JavaScript.

Happy learning jQuery. :)

jQuery Quick Start

jQuery simple usage examples.

jQuery Practical Examples

Some jQuery practical usage and examples.

jQuery Selectors

Select anything you want in jQuery.

jQuery Attribute Selectors

Everything about attribute selectors in jQuery.

jQuery DOM Traversing

Everything about element traversing in jQuery.

jQuery DOM Manipulation

Everything about dom manipulation in jQuery.

jQuery HTML Form

Everything about HTML form elements in jQuery.

jQuery Effects

Everything about build-in effects in jQuery.

jQuery Event Handling

Everything about event handling in jQuery.

jQuery Browser Events

Everything about browser events in jQuery.

jQuery Mouse Events

Everything about mouse events in jQuery.

jQuery Keyboard Events

Everything about keyboard events in jQuery.

jQuery Common Problem

Some common jQuery problem and solution.

jQuery References

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  • http://fresh krishi sharma

    i want to know how can we create auto download as like facebook.
    whenever we reach the end of the page it auto download how is’t its jquery?

  • http://psdt.webs.com Parveen kumar

    i want to know java script , jquery , Ajax in simple & easy method

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  • http://pavanhd.blogspot.in/ Pavan Deshpande

    hi very nice collection of jquery tutorial

    you can visit here pavan blog

    • Ron

      Nice blog, Pavan !!


    Hi, i want to learn javascript,jquery and ajax from basics to advance .please tell me link or resources from where i can learn but not w3school as i have gone through.


    Hi, i am using document.formname.submit(); in javascript which showing that submit is not a function. As i have used action,alert and many more please tell me another alternative so that i can submit the form

    • Renganathan.P

      mm k bye

      • http://dsf Renganathan.P

        I am a mental.

      • http://localhost/sportsasking_imman/admin/index.php?do=category&pro=edit&id=aaaaaaaaaww w


    • Anand

      Try this way in javascript function…

      function demo(){
      var formName = document.ClientMaster;
      formName.method = “post”;
      formName.action = ‘addShippingAddress';

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  • mohsin azeem

    hi dear..!
    i want to use JQuery with JSF 2.0, is there any tutorial of you ? or can you guide me how can i use it ?
    please do reply Thanks :)

  • prasanna

    I’m a regular visitor of your site to learn anything new.
    Can you please post something about Ajax and Ajax integration with Struts, Springs in your blog with some examples?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Lord79

    Hi mkyong,

    I am a fresher and I am working on J2EE.
    but from 2 week i have been in trouble resolving an issue and i think u are the right person to ask this question.

    so,the problem: i am validating a form using ajax and trying to submit it on success.
    code logic: if(validateName(name)){ return true;}

    here:validateName is an ajax-call which checks that the name is not already there in database.

    and problem here is: validateName() always returns “false”
    i personally think: there is a delay in ajax so i get the default flag which is false.

    please help

  • http://www.keyadirectory.com Keya Directory

    Thanx for Great Tutorail for begginer and experts both

  • raju

    Hi Mkyong,

    Add / remove text Area dynamically using JQuery If user click on button.

    Could you please reply it’s urgent


  • raju

    Add / remove text Area dynamically using JQuery If user click on button.

  • prabhu

    Hi Mkyong,

    I am happy to see this tutorial and it helps me to learn a lot.