JAX-RS Tutorial

jax-rs tutorials

Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS), is a set if APIs to developer REST service. JAX-RS is part of the Java EE6, and make developers to develop REST web application easily.

In this series of JAX-RS tutorials, we use both Jersey and RESTEasy, popular JAX-RS implementation.

Happy learning JAX-RS :)

Quick Start

Some quick start examples to use JAX-RS.

Basic Examples

Basic annotations and functions to develop REST service.

File Upload Examples

How to handle multipart data in JAX-RS.

Working with XML

XML support in JAX-RS.

Working with JSON

JSON support in JAX-RS.

RESTful Java clients

Create a RESTful Java client to perform “GET” and “POST” request to manipulate json data.

JAX-RS + Spring

Integrate JAX-RS with Spring framework.

Common Error Messages

Some common error messages in JAX-RS development.


  1. Jersey official website
  2. Jersey user guide
  3. RESTEasy official website
  4. RESTEasy user guide
  5. REST explanation in Wiki
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  • neha agrawal

    Hi MkYong,
    Thanks for your tutorials!! They are really informative. I couldn’t find any tutorial on Exception/error handling in REST as well as SOAP web service. It would be nice if you can share some example on this subject.


  • Aditya

    can you give the source code for Ejb + Jpa + Jsf + restful webservices.
    I want to Insert data into Deployement Server Database using Restful Client

  • Aprajita

    Thanks for your tutorials.
    I have been following you for a very long time. It is always been very helpful and informative.

  • vijayakumar

    hi, i am a beginner i want to know the difference between web service and web application.. can u explain me in detail..

  • Gnanasekaran Ebinezar

    Thanks a lot for your valable service to the IT Community.Whenever i want to learn any new things, i used to visit your site..Thanks a lot..

  • sandip kandari

    How I can deploy Restfull web service on Apache tomcat server.
    on web browser url if I write http://localhost:8080//index.jsp it display hello word.
    but after writing http://localhost:8080/Energymeter/resources/generic1. it is giving servlet adapter exception

    please tell me i can recover from this problem

  • http://nil Nirmal
  • Amit Kumar

    These examples are simple,tells you how RESTful Web Service work on basics.

  • http://klarys.com Kwesi Aryee

    An invaluable resource, very easy to understand.My first step into jax-rs has been really because of this tutorials

  • rafeeq

    Can you please provide an example where a xml payload is sent through REST POST method preferably using spring resttemplate

  • Ravi

    Hi Thanks for the above example , Could you please share the code for Displaying the JSON into JSP Page

  • K E Naresh

    Please explain about the flow of execution jax-rs jersey application

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  • gpsingh

    good that works

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  • Nilman

    Thanks a lot for the tutorials. JAX-WS one was really helpful for me. Can you please publish something for Spring Web-Services?


  • Rocky

    Can you post how to do integration testing of Restful services without hard-coding the base URL (can be different for each environment)

  • Sajith

    Simple and really useful

  • Ajay

    Need Help with @PUT and @DELETE type request and client for them..

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  • Eduardo

    Yong those are great tutorials… Thank You!!! Could you post a tutorial about using OAuth for authenticating RestFul Web Services ?? It would be highly appreciated.

    Keep the good work!!!

    • Siregar

      Eduardo was right, could you post a tutorial about authenticating client in RestFul Web Services ?? Thank you

      • Ajay

        I am also waiting for a web site or good code from yong about securing Restful web services… Please post me if you got any worthy resource..!

        • Mikhail

          Yeah, it’s would be very interesting for me too.

  • Milind Kadam

    Hi Yong,

    I am first timer for Web Services. Trying to implement RESTful web service using JAX-RS Jersey APIs. I need to design stateless as well as stateful APIs. I guess I have very good idea on designing stateless APIs but to implement stateful APIs I need to manage session and client state on server. I know REST does not recommend this but this is the application requirement. Any suggestions how to implement stateful APIs? Thanks in advance.


  • Siregar

    is there a tutorial about security in rest? I mean is like implementation of authentication to access resources.

    Thank you.,

  • Siregar

    Have you tutorial or example about restful in struts2?
    Could you share it?

    • http://www.mkyong.com mkyong

      Struts2 + restful… a nice combination, may be in future :)

  • Roop

    Yong, could you please tell me, how can we handle/get form parameters in REST service when they are in quantity approx. 15 params?

    I am aware about @FormParam annotation, but if we cover all the 15 parameters, the method signature become quit long or we can say not readable.

    Is there any way ? so that we can directly populate the object based on said 15 form parameters.

    I heard about an annotation @Form objRef, but it is no longer exists.

    please provide your thoughts on this


    • pavan kalyan

      Thank you…!