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Google App Engine, a cloud computing platform for hosting web application in existing Google infrastructure, it’s easy to scale, manage and free to use up to a predefined consumed resources, and it supports Java. For additional charged, please refer to this GAE billing .

In this series of tutorials, we will show you a list of tutorials to get you start program Google App Engine using Java.

All GAE tutorials are developed with “Eclipse 3.7 + Google Plugin for Eclipse” and “Google App Engine Java SDK“.

1. Quick Start

Say hello to Google App Engine.

2. GAE + Struts 1 & 2

Struts 1 & 2 framework integration and some common errors you may hit.

3. GAE + JSF 2

JSF 2 framework integration and some common errors you may hit.

4. GAE + Spring

Spring framework integration.

5. Datastore

In GAE for Java, you can store data in “datastore”, via datastore low-level api, JDO or JPA. In this example, we will use Spring MVC for demonstration.

6. FAQs

Some common asked questions in Google App Engine.


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