Struts 2 URL tag example

Struts 2 “url” tag is used to create an URL and output it as a text format. It’s never work by itself, but it can provides URL to other tags like <s:a> to create a hyperlink or <img> to render an image. In this tutorials, it shows 5 common use cases of the Struts 2 “url” tag.

1. Action

An Action class to forward the request.

package com.mkyong.common.action;
import com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport;
public class URLTagAction extends ActionSupport{
	public String execute() {
		return SUCCESS;

2. Url tag example

Here’s the 5 examples to show the use of Struts 2 “url” tag.

  1. Create an image url.
    <img src="<s:url value="/images/man.jpg"/>" />

    Output (assume the root context name is “Struts2Example”)

    <img src="/Struts2Example/images/man.jpg" />
  2. Create a “Google” text and link it to
    <a href="<s:url value=""  />" target="_blank">Google</a>


    <a href="" target="_blank">Google</a>
    When you define the URL value with starting of “http” or “www” words, Struts 2 will render it as it is, without add the extra root context name as example 1.
  3. Create an Action URL with a “id” parameter, and output it as a text format.
    <s:url action="urlTagAction.action" >
        <s:param name="id">123</s:param>


  4. Create an Action URL with a “name” parameter, and combine with <s:a> tag via <s:property>.
    <s:url action="urlTagAction.action" var="urlTag" >
        <s:param name="name">mkyong</s:param>
    <a href="<s:property value="#urlTag" />" >URL Tag Action (via property)</a>


    <a href="/Struts2Example/urlTagAction.action?name=mkyong" >URL Tag Action (via property)</a>
  5. Create an Action URL with a “age” parameter, and combine with <s:a> tag via “%{urlTag}“.
    <s:url action="urlTagAction.action" var="urlTag" >
        <s:param name="age">99</s:param>
    <s:a href="%{urlTag}">URL Tag Action (via %)</s:a>


    <a href="/Struts2Example/urlTagAction.action?age=99">URL Tag Action (via %)</a>

Full JSP page code…


<%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags" %>
<h1>Struts 2 URL tag example</h1>
<img src="<s:url value="/images/man.jpg"/>" />
<a href="<s:url value=""  />" target="_blank">Google</a>
<s:url action="urlTagAction.action" >
    <s:param name="id">123</s:param>
<s:url action="urlTagAction.action" var="urlTag" >
    <s:param name="name">mkyong</s:param>
<a href="<s:property value="#urlTag" />" >URL Tag Action (via property)</a>
<s:url action="urlTagAction.action" var="urlTag" >
    <s:param name="age">99</s:param>
<s:a href="%{urlTag}">URL Tag Action (via %)</s:a>

3. struts.xml

Link it ~

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
"-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 2.0//EN"
    <constant name="struts.devMode" value="true" />
    <package name="default" namespace="/" extends="struts-default">
	<action name="urlTagAction" 
		class="com.mkyong.common.action.URLTagAction" >
		<result name="success">pages/url.jsp</result>

4. Demo



Struts 2 url tag example


  1. Struts 2 Url tag documentation
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  • Frank Olschewski

    If you use more than one parameter for you link, you have to use the s:url attribute escapeAmp=”false” or you get an url for which struts itself cannot handle the parameters.


    <a href="”>goto

    Without escapeAmp=”false” you get:
    Struts 2 does not like the &.

    • Frank Olschewski

      html character escaping does not work for my comment, can you fix it?

  • prateek

    Hi Mkyong,

    The changes you propose by you is not working fine for me. Is there any thing I need toi look at? I would sincerely appreciate for your help.


  • jk

    Did you ever make that tutorial for displaying image using struts2-Hibernate-Spring


  • skl_blr

    Hi ,

    Can you show a simple example of parameter passing via href.


    say the page has data from select * from emp

    empno ‘fristname’ ‘lastname’ salary <>

    Now if i click the view button , its show show emp description of employee —
    eg employee 111 joined on so and so date etc etc.

  • buddy

    hi, I have read your artical. Sorry I made a mistake, because I try to pass more than one parameter into struts-url tag.
    I haven’t receive any notations and any further info, but it fails.
    So I realize there struts-url only accept one parameter once a time.
    Here is a reminder for you since your actical is the top item from google. You should be perfect.
    That’s all.

    Best wishes.

  • aslaan malik

    hi.. iam not able to add images in struts 2.0………….give me the codes…to add images…..which i must use in html file in struts 2.0…

  • Pingback: Struts 2 dynamic image example()

  • Arun.R.U

    Hi MKYONG,

    Hi how are you ? I always interested to watch your examples.. i have one doubt on this example.. when i click on the URL then the param values are appeared in the address bar, if i want to disappear in those values then what i have to do ?



    • mkyong

      “if i want to disappear in those values”, you are referring to form handling , refer to “s:form”.

      This example is used to generate URL for link and image only, not form handling :), two are different things.

      • Richard

        I think to combine the features of Struts2 will be better. Because many errors may occur when we try to combine these features. :)

      • Praveen Das

        I have a similar question as Arun, with URL tag.
        Scenario – No form, i need to update a customer from a list of customers.

        &lt;s:if test=&quot;customerList.size() &gt; 0&quot;&gt;
        		&lt;table border=&quot;1px&quot; cellpadding=&quot;8px&quot;&gt;
        				&lt;th&gt;Customer Id&lt;/th&gt;
        				&lt;th&gt;First Name&lt;/th&gt;
        				&lt;th&gt;Last Name&lt;/th&gt;
        				&lt;th&gt;Created Date&lt;/th&gt;
        			&lt;s:iterator value=&quot;customerList&quot; status=&quot;userStatus&quot;&gt;
        						&lt;s:url var=&quot;editCustomer&quot; action=&quot;getCustomerAction&quot;&gt;
        							&lt;s:param name=&quot;customerId&quot; value=&quot;%{customerId}&quot; /&gt;
        						&lt;p&gt;&lt;s:a href=&quot;%{editCustomer}&quot;&gt;
        							&lt;s:property value=&quot;customerId&quot; /&gt;
        					&lt;td&gt;&lt;s:property value=&quot;firstname&quot; /&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
        					&lt;td&gt;&lt;s:property value=&quot;lastname&quot; /&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
        					&lt;td&gt;&lt;s:property value=&quot;age&quot; /&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
        					&lt;td&gt;&lt;s:date name=&quot;createdDate&quot; format=&quot;dd/MM/yyyy&quot; /&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
        	&lt;br /&gt;
        	&lt;br /&gt;

        And my struts.xml would be

        &lt;!-- Get Customer Details - To Pre-Populate the form to update a Customer --&gt;
        		&lt;action name=&quot;getCustomerAction&quot; method=&quot;getCustomerById&quot;
        			&lt;result name=&quot;success&quot;&gt;pages/customerForm.jsp &lt;/result&gt;
        The action class would be-
        &lt;pre lang=&quot;java&quot;&gt; 
        // Edit customer details, it will retrieve the records based on customerId
        	//SkipValidation is used to skip the validate()
        	public String getCustomerById() {
;** Customer Id to edit ** &quot; + customer.getCustomerId());
        		customer = customerDAO.customerById(customer.getCustomerId());
        		return SUCCESS;

        The URL is – http://localhost:8080/Struts2Example/getCustomerAction?customerId=2

        how can we hide the query string?
        Note: i’m not using any form here ;)

        • Kailash

          Hi Arun & Praveen,

          I had asked similar question to respected MkYong Sir on 22nd May. But did not get any reply.

          I am suffering like anything for this Issue.

          Actually I am using Struts Tiles in my Web Application. It has Menu.jsp page.
          Which contains method name. i.e. Login.
          Also with this i am passing other parameters. These all shows in browser like

          I don’t want to used any javascript function for hiding URLs..don’t know when will I get answer for this. Not from MkYong Sir but No one is giving answer for this.

          My project has already build ed.Now I can’t change the technology. I am feeling that it would be better 2 used HTML Framework than Tiles!