Spring InitializingBean and DisposableBean example

In Spring, InitializingBean and DisposableBean are two marker interfaces, a useful way for Spring to perform certain actions upon bean initialization and destruction.

  1. For bean implemented InitializingBean, it will run afterPropertiesSet() after all bean properties have been set.
  2. For bean implemented DisposableBean, it will run destroy() after Spring container is released the bean.


Here’s an example to show you how to use InitializingBeanand DisposableBean. A CustomerService bean to implement both InitializingBean and DisposableBean interface, and has a message property.

package com.mkyong.customer.services;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.DisposableBean;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.InitializingBean;
public class CustomerService implements InitializingBean, DisposableBean
	String message;
	public String getMessage() {
	  return message;
	public void setMessage(String message) {
	  this.message = message;
	public void afterPropertiesSet() throws Exception {
	  System.out.println("Init method after properties are set : " + message);
	public void destroy() throws Exception {
	  System.out.println("Spring Container is destroy! Customer clean up");

File : Spring-Customer.xml

<beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"
       <bean id="customerService" class="com.mkyong.customer.services.CustomerService">
		<property name="message" value="i'm property message" />

Run it

package com.mkyong.common;
import org.springframework.context.ConfigurableApplicationContext;
import org.springframework.context.support.ClassPathXmlApplicationContext;
import com.mkyong.customer.services.CustomerService;
public class App 
    public static void main( String[] args )
    	ConfigurableApplicationContext context = 
			new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(new String[] {"Spring-Customer.xml"});
    	CustomerService cust = (CustomerService)context.getBean("customerService");

The ConfigurableApplicationContext.close() will close the application context, releasing all resources and destroying all cached singleton beans. It’s use for destroy() method demo purpose only :)


Init method after properties are set : im property message
INFO: Destroying singletons in org.springframework.beans.factory.
defining beans [customerService]; root of factory hierarchy
Spring Container is destroy! Customer clean up

The afterPropertiesSet() method is called, after the message property is set; while the destroy() method is call after the context.close();

I would not recommend to use InitializingBean and DisposableBean interface, because it will tight coupled your code to Spring. A better approach should be specifying the init-method and destroy-method attributes in your bean configuration file.

Download Source Code


  1. InitializingBean Javadoc
  2. DisposableBean Javadoc
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  • Sumit Bhatnagar
    • dota2pro

      Check the post date of both posts, are you idiot?

  • http://M2je.com Mehdi

    Thanks !

    Easy And Simple :)

  • Himanshu

    We can’t say that InitializaingBean and DisposableBean is marker interface. Because marker interfaces don’t contain any method they give a hit to JVM to call some appropriate method. Both interfaces are contain one method. So, We can’t call it as a merker interface…

    • Rajesh

      I though the same way… though i did not tried yet, i doubt, its Marker interface, if so, then how Spring container will come to know which is init and destroy method.

  • guest

    Will this work on JBoss? For example if I undeployed or restarted a war file that contains a class that implements DisposableBean, will the destroy() method be called?

    • http://www.mkyong.com mkyong

      You try then know the result, just do not put core function at this, cause we always kill server explicitly :)

  • Shaswat


    Here it is given that
    ‘InitializingBean and DisposableBean are two marker interfaces’

    then from where afterPropertiesSet(), destroy() came ??

    How that both is marker Interface ?

    • Sumit Bhatnagar

      Its copied from rose india website.

      • An

        Please check the date of posting the article.. or check your eye side

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