How to run MongoDB as Windows Service

This Article is outdated!
Please refer to this latest guide to install MongoDB as Windows Service.

A guide to show you how to installed MongoDB on Windows.

1. mongod –help

Get to know all the Windows service related commands by typing “mongod --help“.

C:\MongoDB\bin>mongod --help
Windows Service Control Manager options:
  --install                install mongodb service
  --remove              remove mongodb service
  --reinstall             reinstall mongodb service (equivilant of mongod
                             --remove followed by mongod --install)
  --serviceName arg           windows service name
  --serviceDisplayName arg windows service display name
  --serviceDescription arg    windows service description
  --serviceUser arg              user name service executes as
  --servicePassword arg       password used to authenticate serviceUser

Two --install and --remove arguments are what you need.

2. Install as Windows Service

To install as a Windows service, issue “mongod --install“, for example :

#> mongod --dbpath "c:\mymongodb" --logpath "c:\mymongodb\logs.txt" --install --serviceName "MongoDB"
all output going to: c:\mymongodb\logs.txt
Creating service MongoDB.
Service creation successful.
Service can be started from the command line via 'net start "MongoDB"'.

It means, install a MongoDB, which point to “c:\mymongodb” data directory, log output to “c:\mymongodb\logs.txt“, and a Windows service named “MongoDB“.

Figure : MongoDB is installed as Windows Service

mongodb as windows service

3. Uninstall It

To uninstall above installed MongoDB service, issue “mongod --remove“, along with the installed service name.

#> mongod --remove --serviceName "MongoDB"
Deleting service MongoDB.
Service deleted successfully.
Fri Apr 29 18:39:06 dbexit:
Fri Apr 29 18:39:06 shutdown: going to close listening sockets...
Fri Apr 29 18:39:06 shutdown: going to flush diaglog...
Fri Apr 29 18:39:06 shutdown: going to close sockets...
Fri Apr 29 18:39:06 shutdown: waiting for fs preallocator...
Fri Apr 29 18:39:06 shutdown: closing all files...
Fri Apr 29 18:39:06 closeAllFiles() finished
Fri Apr 29 18:39:06 dbexit: really exiting now



  1. MongoDB as Windows Service
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  • Douglas Allen

    Hi. After making some blunders here I figured out that I needed to give the full path for the daemon.

    C:\mongodb\bin\mongod --dbpath "c:\data\db" --logpath "c:\data\logs.txt" --install --serviceName "MongoDB"

    Hope this might help someone not go through the trial and error I did.

    • mkyong

      Thanks for your input.

      It’s better to defined the MongoDB configuration values in a config file, and start it like this :

      mongod --config /config/path/mongo.cfg

      Refer to the latest guide to install MongoDB as Windows service.

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