How to install MongoDB on Windows

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install MongoDB on Windows.

  1. MongoDB 2.2.3
  2. Windows 7
The MongoDB does not require installation, just download and extracts the zip file, configure the data directory and start it with command “mongod“.

1. Download MongoDB

Download MongoDB from official MongoDB website. Choose Windows 32 bits or 64 bits. Unzip, extracts to your prefer location, for example : d:\mongodb\.

2. Review MongoDB folder

In MongoDB, it contains only 10+ executable files (exe) in the bin folder. This is true, and that are the required files to MongoDB, it’s really hard to believe for a developer like me who come from a relation database background.

Figure : Files under $MongoDB/bin folder

It’s recommended to add $MongoDB/bin to Windows environment variable, so that you can access the MongoDB’s commands in command prompt easily.

3. Configuration File

Create a MongoDB config file, it’s just a text file, for example : d:\mongodb\mongo.config

##store data here
##all output go here
##log read and write operations
MongoDB need a folder (data directory) to store its data. By default, it will store in “C:\data\db“, create this folder manually. MongoDB won’t create it for you. You can also specify an alternate data directory with --dbpath option.

4. Run MongoDB server

Use mongod.exe --config d:\mongodb\mongo.config to start MongoDB server.

d:\mongodb\bin>mongod --config D:\mongodb\mongo.config
all output going to: D:\mongodb\log\mongo.log

5. Connect to MongoDB

Uses mongo.exe to connect to the started MongoDB server.

MongoDB shell version: 2.2.3
connecting to: test
> //mongodb shell

6. MongoDB as Windows Service

Add MongoDB as Windows Service, so that MongoDB will start automatically following each system restart.

Install as Windows Service with --install.

d:\mongodb\bin> mongod --config D:\mongodb\mongo.config --install

A Windows service named “MongoDB” is created.


To start MongoDB Service

net start MongoDB

To stop MongoDB Service

net stop MongoDB

To remove MongoDB Service

d:\mongodb\bin>mongod --remove

7. FAQs

1. Install MongoDB as Windows service on Windows 8, but hit “Access is denied.” error message :

C:\Users\mkyong2002>mongod --config D:\mongodb\mongo.config --install
Tue Jul 16 21:05:55.154 diagLogging level=3
Tue Jul 16 21:05:55.155 diagLogging using file D:\mongodb\data/diaglog.51e54533
Tue Jul 16 21:05:55.155 Trying to install Windows service 'MongoDB'
Tue Jul 16 21:05:55.155 Error connecting to the Service Control Manager: Access
is denied. (5)

To fix it, run the Command Prompt with Administrative Privileges – right click on the command prompt icon, select run as administrator.


  1. Install MongoDB on Windows
  2. MongoDB configuration options
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  • Sathya Prakash Moparthi

    i finished installation using adnmin cmd prompt using
    d:\mongodb\bin> mongod –config D:\mongodb\mongo.config –install

    but when i type “net start MongoDB” prompt says “net” is not defined?

    • Hao Fu

      try run cmd as admin then try d:\mongodb\bin> mongod –config D:\mongodb\mongo.config –install

  • @_@


  • Abhi

    Hi mkyong,

    I like your all the post.I am really eager to learn big data.If you have knowledge about this topic please post.

  • droidgirl

    Thanks. Was able to set up Mongo Server and Client on 64bit Win7 following your tutorial.

  • Karthick Devaraj

    Hi I am getting following error while starting mongodb,please help me anyone

    JavaScript execution failed: Error: couldn’t connect to server at
    exception: connect failed

    • droidgirl

      do you have your server running? I ran into the same error when the server wasn’t started properly.

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  • Aryan

    I tried installing based on your tutorial,
    but it’s waiting for the connections on port 28017, but never terminating.
    What to do now??
    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.

    • mkyong

      The command “mongod” will start the MongoDB server and listening on port, it waiting for client to connect. Use “mongo” to connect.

  • Bhushan

    getting below error while running mongod.exe from Windows 32 bit Cmd Prompt (I have downloaded 32 Bit Version of mongo db i.e.
    “procedure entry point interlockedCompareExchange64 coluld not be located in
    DLL KERNEL32.dll”

  • Nishant

    During step 4 an error occurs saying Entry Point Not Found.
    Please suggest me any solution.
    Thanks in advance.

    • mkyong

      Sorry, don’t get you, can you provide the steps to simulate the problem?

  • Jason

    it keeps on saying waiting for connections on port 20817…I deleted mongod.lock and tried again but nothing happend, what should I do?

    • hari

      open another command shell and move to mongodb directory then bin and execute mongo.exe it will work

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  • PM

    Do you plan on doing a series on MongoDB? Do you plan on using springData interface?

    • mkyong

      ya… will doing a series on MongoDB + Java + Spring and etc tutorials :) , MongoDB look promising noSQL database.

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