The maven local repository is a local folder that is used to store all your project’s dependencies (plugin jars and other files which are downloaded by Maven). In simple, when you build a Maven project, all dependency files will be stored in your Maven local repository.

By default, Maven local repository is default to .m2 folder :

  1. Unix/Mac OS X – ~/.m2
  2. Windows – C:\Documents and Settings\{your-username}\.m2

1. Update Maven Local Repository

Normally, I will change the default local repository folder from default .m2 to another more meaningful name, for example, maven-repo.

Find {M2_HOME}\conf\setting.xml, update localRepository to something else.


  <!-- localRepository
   | The path to the local repository maven will use to store artifacts.
   | Default: ~/.m2/repository


2. Saved it

Done, your new Maven local repository is now changed to D:/maven_repo.

See figure :

Maven local repository


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