How to add M2_REPO classpath variable to Eclipse IDE

Normally, when you use Maven command mvn eclipse:eclipse to convert existing Java project to support Eclipse project, Maven will create the entire dependency classpath by using the M2_REPO variable, which is not defined in Eclipse by default.

Nothing special, M2_REPO is just a normal “classpath variable” in Eclipse to find your local Maven repository.

Here, we show you two ways to add M2_REPO classpath variable into Eclipse IDE.

1. Add M2_REPO Manually

Define and add M2_REPO classpath variable manually into Eclipse IDE. Follow below steps :

  1. Eclipse IDE, menu bar
  2. Select Window > Preferences
  3. Select Java > Build Path > Classpath Variables
  4. Click on the new button > defined a new M2_REPO variable and point it to your local Maven repository
  5. Done.

2. Add M2_REPO Automatically – eclipse:configure-workspace

Alternatively, you can define and add M2_REPO via Maven command “eclipse:configure-workspace“.

mvn -Declipse.workspace="your Eclipse Workspace" eclipse:configure-workspace

See an example :

C:\>mvn -Declipse.workspace="C:\Users\mkyong\workspace" eclipse:configure-workspace
[INFO] Scanning for projects...
[INFO] Searching repository for plugin with prefix: 'eclipse'.
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Building Maven Default Project
[INFO]    task-segment: [eclipse:configure-workspace] (aggregator-style)
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] [eclipse:configure-workspace {execution: default-cli}]
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 1 second
[INFO] Finished at: Thu Apr 14 20:45:17 SGT 2011
[INFO] Final Memory: 9M/112M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------


Verify M2_REPO is Added
Review classpath variable to verify that the M2_REPOis added into Eclipse IDE.

Add ME_REPO to Eclipse IDE

You need to add this M2_REPO classpath variable once only, and this variable is shared among all of your Eclipse’s workspace.

The old “eclipse:add-maven-repo” command is deprecated , and not working anymore. Uses “eclipse:configure-workspace” instead.


  1. Add Maven repo example
  2. Configure Maven workspace
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  • Umesh

    Awesome tutorial mkyong…..

  • David

    Thanks this helped!

  • vmi

    Thank You!

    • Me

      Thanks so much mate God help you.

  • ashish

    Gr8 work yong!

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  • chandan kumar

    nice blogs

  • asher

    Hi MkYong,

    Are you familiar with Eclipse Application developer installation if yes. I am making response file for pacakges installation. It keeps not accepting the repositories. I tried to create the response file: eclipse>ibmimc.exe -record c:\temp\1.xml -skipInstall e:\data
    it recorded the first repository. When I tried to fill rest of the repository it give me error saying these repositories are not acceptable. My issues is embedding the repositories and all the options in a response file so it silently install the Eclipse and its 3 developer environments.

    Please email me if you have a response.

    Many thanks in advances.


  • Terence

    Thanks this helped me out today.

  • tenne

    hi m,
    I hv added the m2_repo as you said. Manually and automatically. it also shown in classpath too. but it doen’t resolve dependencies still i have to resolve those manually by adding external jars. do you have any idea why is this happening

  • Sarath Meepagala

    This was very helpful. Thanks!

  • Gaurav

    Hi mkyong :)

    I have already installed maven and it had by default added .m2 directory in c: drive in the Document and Settings…. folders

    but as now the link to change the maven repository path is coming hidden in eclipse

    Can i still change it by any other means ???

    Please revert me back soon

    • mkyong

      In Maven, change the setting.xml like this :

      • Vijayendra Bhati

        Hi ,

        Could you please tell me how this would change the value of M2_REPO variable in eclipse ? I am also facing the same issue.Even I have changed the settings.xml , stilll I can see the old default value of this variable.

        Vijayendra Bhati

        • Murali

          i think you need to change proxy settings if you have or change the usename and password of your local system in that in settings.xml file.

        • Sameer Chamankar


          Your Eclipse IDE must have come with in built Maven. You can change the maven setting in your eclipse using following steps.

          Window -> Preferences -> Maven -> Installations -> Add -> Provide path of your maven installation


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