JSF 2 graphicImage example

In JSF, you can use <h:graphicImage /> tag to render a HTML “img” element. For example, an image named “sofa.png” in a resources folder, see figure below :


1. JSF 1.x graphicImage

In JSF 1.x you can hard-coded above image URL directly in the “value” attribute :


<h:graphicImage value="resources/images/sofa.png" />

HTML output…

<img src="resources/images/sofa.png;" alt="" />

2. JSF 2.x graphicImage

In JSF 2.0, you can render above image via “resource library” concept :


<h:graphicImage library="images" name="sofa.png" />

HTML output…

<img src="/JavaServerFaces/faces/javax.faces.resource/sofa.png?ln=images" alt="" />
For more detail, please read this JSF 2.0 resource library example.

Download Source Code

Download It – JSF-2-GraphicImage-Example.zip (14KB)


  1. JSF <h:graphicImage /> JavaDoc
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  • Manoj

    Hello MKyong,
    My requirement is load the image from the linux system and I have to display in GUI.

    In the above barCode path is /opt/weblogic/barcodes. But the image is not displaying in the GUI.

    The logger prints like /opt/weblogic/barcodes/barcode_101.png

    Can you help me on that?

    Manojkumar T

    • Manoj
  • http://www.hhraweb.com DougMH

    At some point could you put together an example of 1) h:commandLine shape=”rect” coords=”” and 2) h:graphicImage ismap=”true” usemap=”#AMap”?

    I’ve been able to get h:graphicImage to work with a , but it will not point to my backing bean only html or a URL.

    I have a rather large image and I only want a small portion of it to be clickable and I want that click to take me to my backing bean.

  • http://www.hhraweb.com DougMH

    Here’s a question concerning h:graphicImage

    These .PNG files have no border around them. Why do they not sit one on top of the other without space between? Especially with border=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ and cellpadding=”0″?

  • http://www.mkyong.com/jsf2/jsf-2-graphicimage-example/ sassou

    How to add Image from database to a jsf page using EJB

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  • Max

    What about folders inside? I mean if there is a folder inside library something like: resources/images/icons/remove-icon.png

    • JSF 2
       &lt;h:graphicImage library=&quot;icons&quot; name=&quot;remove-icon.png&quot;/&gt;