jQuery slideUp(), slideDown() and slideToggle() example

jQuery comes with three handy methods to create the sliding effect easily.

  1. slideUp() – Hide the matched elements with slide up effect.
  2. slideDown() – Display the matched elements with slide down effect.
  3. slideToggle() – If the matched element is displayed, it will hide with a slide up effect; if hidden, it will display with a slide down effect.

Above three methods are support duration as parameter : slow, fast, or exact milliseconds. If this parameter is omitted, the default 400 milliseconds is apply.

Try it yourself

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script>
<style type="text/css">
	.slideDownbox, .slideUpbox, .slideTogglebox{
		border:1px solid red;
<h1>jQuery slideUp(), slideDown() and slideToggle() example</h1>
<div class="clear">
	<h2>slideDown() example</h2>
	<div class="slideDownbox">
		Click me - slideDown()
	<div class="slideDownbox">
		Click me - slideDown()
<div class="clear">
	<h2>slideUp() example</h2>
	<div class="slideUpbox">
		Click me - slideUp()
	<div class="slideUpbox">
		Click me - slideUp()
<div class="clear">
	<h2>slideToggle() example</h2> <button id=slideToggle>slideToggle()</button>
	<div class="slideTogglebox">
	<div class="slideTogglebox">
<div class="clear">
	<button id=reset>Reset</button>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(".slideDownbox").click(function () {
$(".slideUpbox").click(function () {
$("#slideToggle").click(function () {
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  • http://hochzeit-trauung.com Lisa @ Hochzeit & Trauung

    that’s what i wanted to use on my main div of the site. so it starts to slidedown when the page is loaded. unfortunately i don’t get it to work properly (the div shows up before i can hide it) :-(
    maybe someone can help me?


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  • http://www.pozivnice.hr Pozivnice za Vjen?anje

    Very nice Toggle effect, thanks for sharing!

  • Ariel

    Thank you friend, I have a question,
    That I must do in order that the div proves to be hidden by fault ???


    I’m unable to get this effect … really don’t know why!!!
    I have also worked on a similar kind of example from w3schools.
    The jQuery code which is working in some online editors is not effective on my system.
    Looking for your help !!!

  • Anant

    Thanx for that its really nice demo

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  • Laurent


    Loved the example, but what if i want the content to be hiden when the page is loaded?
    I tried various things without success. Can you suggest something?

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    really great effect, i’ll try it on my next project, thanks man:)

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    It looks so amazing. I must do it on some design websites. :)

    Thank you for sharing.

  • http://www.tonylea.com Tony Lea

    Great Article! I love how simple you have made it for a user to easily get a grasp on jQuery. Great code snippets. I found this article because I was doing some research for other beginner articles on jQuery. Good job and thanks again.

    BTW, I have created a simple jQuery slideup and slidedown article that I feel would be targeted at very basic users, anyway let me know what you think, it’s at: http://www.tonylea.com/2010/jquery-slideup-and-slidedown/

    Thanks :)