jQuery – How to get the tag name

To get the element tag name, you can use the tagName function. There are two ways to use it :

1) .get(0).tagName

Select an element that has a class name of “classTag1″, and use the .get(0).tagName function to display its tag name.


2) .[0].tagName

2. Select an element that has a class name of “classTag1″, and use the .[0].tagName function to display its tag name.



<title>jQuery Get Tag Name</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var $tag = $('p')[0].tagName; //'P'
    var $tag = $('.classTag1')[0].tagName; //'DIV'
    var $tag = $('#idTag1')[0].tagName; //'DIV'
    var $tag = $('p').get(0).tagName; //'P'
    var $tag = $('.classTag1').get(0).tagName; //'DIV'
    var $tag = $('#idTag1').get(0).tagName; //'DIV'
<h1>jQuery Get Tag Name</h1>
    	This is paragrah 1
	<div class="classTag1">
		This is class='classTag1'
	<div id="idTag1">
		This is id='idTag1'
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  • kavin

    its not working for this case,please help asap


  • Jamo


  • http://www.gtholidays.in coimbatore hotels

    working for me. Thanks for sharing.

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  • http://jaron.nl jaron barends

    Also, tagName is not a function, but an attribute. Upon reading “use the .get(0).tagName function”, I used automatically typed “.get(0).tagName();” in my code (with the parentheses after tagName). To avoid confusion, it would be better to change “function” in “attribute”.

  • http://umairj.com/ Umair Jabbar

    Doesn’t work !

    • joe

      fuck off

  • http://www.platinumig.com Guilherme Dupont

    You can access simply as it:


    • Dan

      that doesn’t works as good as the other solution (using jscript on the dom element directly)

    • Ymox

      With jQuery 1.7.1 and further,




      (I think it might be so from 1.6.1, see jQuery documentation dicussion about Attribute vs. Element at http://api.jquery.com/prop/#prop1). You need to use

  • Ingmar

    Hi there,

    this has nothing to do with jQuery – ‘tagName’ as a function does exist neither in jQuery nor in JavaScript. ‘tagName’ is a property of every DOM-Element – so you can use ist like ‘document.getElementById(“myId”).tagName’. The only jQuerything in your post is how you retrieve the DOM-Element: $(‘myselector’).get(0) and $(‘myselector’)[0] both just return the first DOM-Element which matches ‘myselector’ – after that, you are leaving the jQuery-Scope and are just accessing the DOM-element-property ‘tagName’

    • http://www.mkyong.com mkyong

      Hi Ingmar,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.