Different between mouseout() and mouseleave() in jQuery

In jQuery, both mouseout() and mouseleave() events are fire when the mouse leaves the matched element. The only different is in the way of the “event bubbling” handle in child element, let’s see two scenarios :

1. NO child element

If the matched elements have no child element, both mouseout() and mouseleave() events are work exactly same. See try it yourself below.

2. WITH child element inside

If the matched elements have child element, both mouseout() and mouseleave() events are work different in the way of “event bubbling” :

For example, a “outerBox” contains a child element “innerBox”.

<div id="outerBox">OuterBox
	<div id="innerBox">InnerBox

P.S Assure both outerBox and innerBox are attached to certain events.

  1. When mouse enters the “outerBox”, no event will fire.
  2. When mouse leaves the “outerBox”, and enters “innerBox”, fire the “outerBox” event.
  3. When mouse leaves the “innerBox”, and enters “outerBox”, fire the “innerBox” event, follow by the “outerBox” event.
  4. When mouse leaves to the “outerBox”, fire the “outerBox” event.
  1. When mouse enters the “outerBox”, no event will fire.
  2. When mouse leaves the “outerBox”, and enters “innerBox”, no event will fire.
  3. When mouse leaves the “innerBox”, and enters “outerBox”, fire the “innerBox” event.
  4. When mouse leaves to the “outerBox”, fire the “outerBox” event.

Let’s understand it by playing the below example :

Try it yourself

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script>
<style type="text/css">
	#mouseout-outerBox1, #mouseleave-outerBox1,
	#mouseout-outerBox2, #mouseleave-outerBox2{
		border:1px groove #999966;
		background-color : #999966;
	#mouseout-innerBox2, #mouseleave-innerBox2{
		margin:8px 8px 8px 16px;
		border:1px groove #0000FF;
		background-color : #0000FF;
  <h1>jQuery mouseout() vs mouseleave() example</h1>
<div class="content">
  <div class="container1">
	  <span>mouseout() - no child element</span>
	  <div id="mouseout-outerBox1">OuterBox
	  <span id="mouseout-msg1">#mouseout is fired : 0</span>
  <div class="container1">
  	  <span>mouseleave() - no child element</span>
	  <div id="mouseleave-outerBox1">OuterBox
	  <span id="mouseleave-msg1">#mouseleave is fired : 0</span>
<div class="content">
  <div class="container1">
	  <span>mouseout() - with child elements</span>
	  <div id="mouseout-outerBox2">OuterBox
	  	<div id="mouseout-innerBox2">InnerBox
	  <span id="mouseout-outer-msg2">#mouseout outer is fired : 0</span>
	  <span id="mouseout-inner-msg2">#mouseout inner is fired : 0</span>
  <div class="container1">
  	  <span>mouseleave() - with child elements</span>
	  <div id="mouseleave-outerBox2">OuterBox
	  	<div id="mouseleave-innerBox2">InnerBox
	  <span id="mouseleave-outer-msg2">#mouseleave outer is fired : 0</span>
	  <span id="mouseleave-inner-msg2">#mouseleave inner is fired : 0</span>
<script type="text/javascript">
//example 1
var mouseout1=1;
$('#mouseout-outerBox1').mouseout(function(event) {
  $('#mouseout-msg1').text('#mouseout is fired : ' + mouseout1++)
var mouseleave1=1;
$('#mouseleave-outerBox1').mouseleave(function(event) {
  $('#mouseleave-msg1').text('#mouseleave is fired : ' + mouseleave1++)
//example 2
var mouseoutouter2=1;
$('#mouseout-outerBox2').mouseout(function(event) {
  $('#mouseout-outer-msg2').text('#mouseout outer is fired : ' + mouseoutouter2++)
var mouseoutinner2=1;
$('#mouseout-innerBox2').mouseout(function(event) {
  $('#mouseout-inner-msg2').text('#mouseout inner is fired : ' + mouseoutinner2++)
var mouseleaveouter2=1;
$('#mouseleave-outerBox2').mouseleave(function(event) {
         .text('#mouseleave outer is fired : ' + mouseleaveouter2++)
var mouseleaveinner2=1;
$('#mouseleave-innerBox2').mouseleave(function(event) {
         .text('#mouseleave inner is fired : ' + mouseleaveinner2++)
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