Java HashMap example

HashMap is an object that stores both “key/value” as a pairs. In this article, we show you how to create a HashMap instance and iterates the HashMap data.

["mkyong","1000.00"] = ["key","value"]

In above, “mkyong” is the key , “1000.00” is the value. By given a key “mkyong”, you can get the value “1000.00”.


See full example of using HashMap.

package com.mkyong.core;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Set;
public class Number {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		try {
			Map mMap = new HashMap();
			mMap.put("PostgreSQL", "Free Open Source Enterprise Database");
			mMap.put("DB2", "Enterprise Database , It's expensive");
			mMap.put("Oracle", "Enterprise Database , It's expensive");
			mMap.put("MySQL", "Free Open SourceDatabase");
			Iterator iter = mMap.entrySet().iterator();
			while (iter.hasNext()) {
				Map.Entry mEntry = (Map.Entry);
				System.out.println(mEntry.getKey() + " : " + mEntry.getValue());
			mMap.put("Oracle", "Enterprise Database , It's free now ! (hope)");
			System.out.println("One day Oracle.. : " + mMap.get("Oracle"));
		} catch (Exception e) {


PostgreSQL : Free Open Source Enterprise Database
MySQL : Free Open SourceDatabase
Oracle : Enterprise Database , It's expensive
DB2 : Enterprise Database , It's expensive
One day Oracle.. : Enterprise Database , It's free now ! (hope)
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    Simple and nice tutorial, but I have a problem where I need to keep track of number of occurrence of words every time I found that words in text. So I would like to know will HashMap will be good solution for me. Thanks

  • scqed

    Great example, but can you comment on the compiler warning about hashmap being a generic type that it should be parameterized?

    • htmlman1

      It’s asking for something like this:

      HashMap foo = new HashMap ();

      Here instead of a “generic type” you’re specifying a specific type (i.e. the Integer.)
      If you’re making a hashmap to store strings you could do something like this:

      HashMap foo = new HashMap();

      This would prevent the “generic type” warning.

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    Sir Pls help me, i stored the keys and Values.. I can get the value from the hash map, bt not in ordered.. i got it shuffled.. So how to get the HashMap values by the order, what i stored..

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      Hello @Maritha, if am not mistaken u are asking how to display ur hashmap values? if yes Map.values() will return collection of value in the map. u can use get to return each value by key.


    Very Good Example,
    I have a dout..i am adding key and value to hash map value as arraylist.
    (data getting from data base)
    i want to display the key values in jsp page.
    key — Time interval(24 hours)
    Value –(login,uniqlogins)
    if record is not there for particular interval then how i assign a key and value(default 0,0).
    Ex: Time Interval : 00-23
    for 3,4,5,6,7 there is no records for this interval
    then i need to add 0,0 to values for that particular key.
    please help me thanksin advance…

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