How to change Eclipse splash welcome screen image

Eclipse IDE has many customize components, the splash welcome image (purple color loading image) is one of those. I’m very boring to see the purple image loading everyday, a new fresh image will make my development more encouraging :)

How to change Eclipse IDE splash image

1) Find “config.ini” file

Find the Eclipse’s configuration file “config.ini” in the following location


2) Find “osgi.splashPath”

Open the “config.ini”, find the “osgi.splashPath” to find out where’s Eclipse IDE welcome image stored


The default splash welcome image is stored in the {eclipse.dir} /plugins/org.eclipse.platform folder

3) Find “splash.bmp” image

Find the “splash.bmp” image in the following location


3.3.200.v200906111540 is my Eclipse version, it may be different with yours

4) Replace it

Replace the default “splash.bmp” image with yours.

5) Done

Done, restart your Eclipse IDE to see the result







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  • BLU3H4CK3R

    DONT forgot save image in 24bit color. (defualt Gimp settings made invisible splah screen)

  • Mr Ashutosh

    but how to change welcom screen and the header text like eclipse IDE for C/C++ developer.

    can we make it to XYZ IDE for C/C++ developer.
    Plz send reply to the mail also