Content Assist (Ctrl + Space) is not working in my Eclipse IDE version 3.3. I have two Eclipse IDE installed, both in my laptop and personal desktop computer. However my laptop Eclipse 3.3’s content assist feature is working perfectly, but not my personal desktop computer. Every time, when i pressed on the Ctrl + Space combination keys, Eclipse just show me nothing…it’s drive me crazy. How can such a killer feature is disabled in my Eclipse IDE !!!?

I start Googling online, this problem is happened since Eclipse IDE version 3.2, many people suffer and many solutions come out to quick fix on it. Sadly, there is no final solution for it, some may work and some may not.


Here i summarized few solutions that may fix it.

1. New Project WorkSpace

Create a totally new workspace and import your existing project. Remember check “Copy projects into workspace” to copy all your existing work to new workspace.

2. Content Assist Configuration

Configure Eclipse’s content assist, go “Preferences>Java>Editor>Content Assist>Advanced“. Make sure “Other Java Proposals” is ticked

3. No Hijacked

Make sure (Ctrl + Space) combination key is not hijacked by other application. For examples, My desktop computer (Ctrl + Space) combination key is hijacked by my Windows text input feature. I enabled it for Chinese and English language, one of the text input combination key is using (Ctrl + Space), so, conflict happened.

3. Regional and Language Options

Make sure “regional and language options” is in English language. For example, Windows, Control panel –> Region and language options –> Advance tab –> Language for non-unicode program –> Make sure English (United States) is selected, others may not work, no idea why like this, but it worked.