Ant project, doing Spring + Hibernate (annotation) development, but hits following error message :

Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 

Here’s the list of the main jar files, included asm-3.3.1.jar, but still hits the above error message?

  2. hibernate-annotations-3.4.0.GA.jar
  3. hibernate-commons-annotations-3.0.0.GA.jar
  4. spring-2.5.6.jar
  5. asm-3.3.1.jar


A classic problem in Ant project, you have to manage dependency library manually, use Maven, next time :). The asm.3.3.1.jar is rather new, some methods are removed and causing the NoSuchMethodError error message.

To fix it, try downgrade asm jar to older version, for example, asm3.1.jar, this is my favor version.


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