Top 5 open source Q&A systems

List of the open source Q&A implementation or stackoverflow-like website, with “Active” development and promising features and community.

P.S This list is not in any particular order.



2. Shapado


3. Askbot


4. Question2Answer


5. LampCMS

Best Engine ?
Personally, i will go for OSQA, for their huge community in DZone.


  1. MongoDB
  2. MongoMapper
  3. Django Web Framework
  4. GNU GPL license
  5. Stack Overflow clones
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  • Mukesh

    I wanted to create a Q&A site for kids at home. Was struggling with osqa and django when I saw this and the question2answer setup worked just fine in less than 5 minutes as claimed. Thank you.

    – Mukesh

  • mahesh


  • James

    There are some pretty nice options available to you when it comes to Open Source, I’ve listed the best 3 that I’m aware of:

    OSQA is an open source Q&A platform similar to StackExchange, definitely worth looking at if you’re considering open source.

    Askbot is also a Python Django platform modeled on StackExchange, so should be considered as well

    Django Brainstorm is again, a Python Django based platform developed by Sunlight Labs and can do the job also

    People may also want to consider a SaaS solution if you’re considering open source, as these solutions are automatically updated/updated/supported and require much less maintenance…but of course you have to pay for those perks:) Here is a list of powerful SaaS solutions that are also available for consideration. is a good service supporting some brand-name customers, serving a few different markets when it comes to Q&A interaction, worth looking at. provides a nice Q&A community platform, very user-friendly and a nice Web 2.0 look/feel. offers a clean Q&A experiece for either a community or for enterprises looking for internal collaboration.

  • Keshav

    I mkyong,nice site and nice examples on various technologies.GR8 work i must say.
    I am requesting you to write little explanation for each bit of your tutorials.
    That will be gr8 helpful.

    thanks n regards

  • Sathishkumar

    This is great and can you please tell me which one contains more features. Which one you prefer more among these ? I looking for your reply.


  • salvatore

    that’s very nice and informative article! I would like to suggest also PHPMyFAQ and Qwench for similar purpose. Greetings from Italy, Salvatore