How to display line numbers in Eclipse

By default, Eclipse’s editor will not display line numbers, it’s no good for debugging. Here’s a tip to show you how to turn on the “display line numbers” feature in Eclipse.

In Eclipse IDE, select “Windows” > “Preference” > “General” > “Editors” > “Text Editors” , check on the “Show line numbers” option.

line numbers in Eclipse

See result.

line number in eclipse editor
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    In Mac OS , you have to go Eclipse > Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors or use short command “CMD+,” and than follow General > Editors > Text Editors

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    Another way to do this is:
    In a File, Right click on Left Gray Bar and choose Show Line Numbers.

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    in this file


    make sure the parameter


    is NOT 255,255, 255, which is white