Top 5 Strongest Password

Many users are cracked because of their poor password structure, here i summarize 5 of the strongest password that i know. Hope this help.

5. Combine partial unrelated words together

Combine partial 2 or 3 or even 4 unrelated words together (mix uppercase and lowercase), for example, combine these words together like “Diamond”, “Blog”,”Security” to become “DiamBloSecu”.

4. Combine word with number

Combine word with number and (mix uppercase and lowercase), for example, combine your name and your hp number together, like your name “Scotfield”, hp no is “01255447689”, then your password should be “Scotfield01255447689″, this is one of my favorite password to use, because it is quite strong and easy to remember.

3. Replace Word with number and symbol randomly

Replace Word with number and symbol randomly (mix uppercase and lowercase), for example, Microsoft suggested strongest password “P@ssw0rd”, it replace a with @ symbol and o with 0 (Zero), This will required some of your creative thinking.

2. Mix Word and number together randomly

Mix Word and number together randomly (mix uppercase and lowercase). For example, 2 words “Scotfield” and “01255447689”, mix it randomly and become “S012cot5544fie76ld89″, frankly… i do not think is it possible to crack, but it very hard to remember also.

1. Mix meanless Word, number and symbol randomly, and at least 15 length

Mix meanless Word, number and symbol randomly, and at least 15 length (mix uppercase and lowercase). Actually, strongest password equals to hardest remember password, for example “E7r9t8@Q#h%Hy+M”.

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  • brehh

    Shout out to them freshman, on instagram straight flexin, POP THE MOLLY I’M SWEATIN WOO

  • Ambrose

    Your favorite password okay, but a simple phrase such as the one below is way better.

    The cat ran into the shower…
    Assuming one hundred trillion guesses per second) 24.55 billion trillion trillion centuries


    Assuming one hundred trillion guesses per second) 2.28 trillion centuries

  • Decxyx

    I managed to memorise the password E7r9t8@Q#h%Hy+M in under a minute.

    • brehh

      Ooooh watch out, we got a badass over here guys


      • Byhnbfv


  • LL

    …. Good tip, I have tried for sometime to create a random generated program that will automatically change your login password on command whenever you login no matter how many times that maybe. But now I would like to take that one step further and include a trip wire script code that automatically informs me via text when an unauthorized attempt is made on my master password as this would all that would now be required for all and any logins.
    I know there is a company in Southern France that is working with this but for the moment it is not on retail sale.



  • prem @ Premslog

    wow nice article,really informative

  • Jim

    Here is what I do. I have a password that is very long and hard to remember. I add, kind of like a bank pin, a separate password that is not written down to all of my passwords.

    Using the example above I would write down
    Bank password

    I would add a memorized password which I add to all passwords (not necessarily to the end or beginning). Keeping it simple let’s say it’s 1234.
    At the end:

    At the beginning:

    Every other:

    Obviously 1234 is to simple but you could change it to something more complicated like D3^Y}9v or the most difficult thing you can remember. If someone steals your paper they won’t know your memorized password that needs to be added. They’ll just assume you’ve changed your password. If they know your memorized password they won’t have your piece of paper. If they steal both, highly unlikely, they need to figure out where your memorized password was added (beginning, end every other, something different). In the mean time you only have to memorize one password. If your piece of paper gets stolen you can contact your bank and have your password changed. Another good tip is to not write down what the password goes to. Instead of writing down bank write down something that reminds you of your bank. I know a Robin that works in a bank, so I could put in “Robin’s facebook password” and remember that it means bank. Knowing your password and figuring out where it goes are two different things. We’re really dealing with two types of thief’s a hacker and robber. The odds of someone breaking into your house stealing your paper and having enough hacking skills to crack the rest are pretty slim.

    • mkyong

      hi jim,

      Your tip is awesome, thanks for shared it to everyone.

      Here’s my similar strategy : I write down my password on a little yellow sticky paper, and hide some words in between. For example, “mkyong1888888#”, i write it down as “m18#”, “mkyong177777#” to “m17#”, it’s quite hard to break and easy to remember. Somewhat similar with your idea :)

      • brehh

        sharing*. And that’s a terrible idea, go kill yourself please, thanks.

  • rajesh

    Its was really helpful yar.Thanks for this

    • brehh

      tf are you from? Canada? Move to a real country.

      • haha

        he’s from india

  • mkyong

    password manager is a good options, however understand how to construct a strong password is a must for every end user to protect them self.

  • Eugene

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