My monthly PCB income tax is increased much since march 2009, HR told me that Malaysia monthly income tax PCB deduction rate is changed since year 2009.

Income tax PCB calculation

Here’s the calculation.

1. Find your PCB amount in this Income tax PCB 2009 Chart

2. Calculate your taxable salary – Taxable Salary = (Gross Salary – EPF)

  1. EPF is equals to your 11% gross salary.
  2. EPF deduction is restricted to RM500 only, any amount above RM500 is consider lost.
The PCB calculation is only take EPF as deduction. Please do not deduct your “SOCSO” and any other benefits.

Case Study 1

I’m single, no child, and my monthly salary is RM7000 (i hope so :) )

1) My EPF is RM7000 x 0.11 = RM770 (take maximum RM500 for deduction).
2) My taxable salary is RM7000-RM500 = RM6500
3) Income tax PCB 2009 Chart show RM6500 taxable salary need to pay RM589

My monthly PCB income tax is RM589.

Case Study 2

Married, wife is not working , 3 children, and monthly salary is RM4000 (How can survive in Malaysia? )

1) EPF is RM4000 x 0.11 = RM440
2) Taxable salary is RM4000-RM440 = RM3560
3) Income tax PCB 2009 Chart show RM3560 taxable salary need to pay RM25

Monthly PCB income tax is RM25.

At last, I’m not a professional tax agent, i’m just a normal worker like you all. Please correct me if above PCB calculation is wrong. Thanks

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