How to apply an online EPF account (i-account) on KWSP website – Part 1

Long time ago, you have to visit the KWSP counter to check your Employees Provident Fund (EPF) balance or print your annual EPF statement.

Nowadays, Malaysia’s government done a good job on published the KWSP service online (Online EPF Account). With Online EPF service , you can check your EPF balance, printing the EPF statement, EPF details like when your employer bank in the EPF money into your account, EPF “Account 1″ and “Account 2″ detail and so on.

The process of how do apply EPF “i-Account” is involved many steps, i had split it into three parts for the readability purpose..

  • How to apply an online EPF account (i-account) on KWSP website?
  • How to collect EPF i-Account “activation code”?
  • How to activate our Online EPF account with our “activation code”?

Steps of apply the online EPF account

1. Visit the KWSP website

2. Click the “I-Account image”.
P.S Website’s default language is Malay, you can click on the “house” image at up-right corner area to change it

3. Click on the “Register Your Member i-Akaun” or “i-Account“.

4. Click on the “Register as Member“.

5. Key in your EPF number and IC number.

6. Key in the code show in the image and click on the “daftar” (malay) button.

7. Done.

You EPF (i-account) is not active now, you have to collect the activation code to activate it.

Please proceed on the next article – How to collect EPF i-Account “activation code”?

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  • Sue

    NOt really, it does not work for people living overseas. You cannot get your statement without getting a code from the EPF kiosk. HOw do this work for us living overseas????

  • prasad

    My friend who has a PR in Australia wants to withdraw all his money from his account. He is not 50 years old yet. If he come to Malaysia, can he be able get his money over the counter within a day or two?

  • TEE Batu 2 Jalan Langgar

    I’m not asking question here because, I can find it on google.

    Admin, pls don’t spoon feed those ppl are stupidity fartking lazy.

  • umi umairah

    how 2 printout epf statemnt through online??
    or i need 2 printout at any kiosk??
    can online or nt?

  • poonam

    I left my job in march 2009 in an architect firm, how can i get my EPF from the company

  • Sherllyn

    Hi, I am currently self employed.I wish to put some fund to continue my epf…how can I do it? Can I do online banking to epf fund?

  • Vijay

    How to apply for PF with out company permission , if company is not in working mode.



  • sreeautoxerox

    how to apply epf code my from name and i have 5 emploves

  • suliza

    i want to change my postal address how le

  • ksg

    hi mkyong. i wanna ask what document or information (myself and company details) should i provide to staff in KWSP. It is bcoz I start works recently and the company HR asks for my EPF acc num, and she didnt help me open a new EPF acc, instead she tell me to open it myself.

    Any reply or answer is welcome. (Sorry for my basic english)

  • ksg

    hi mkyong. i wanna ask what document or information (myself and company details) should i provide in order to apply for a new EPF acc since start works recently and my HR didnt open an EPF acc for meand she asked me to go to KWSP branch myself.

  • elin

    why is it that the button ‘register as member’ does not appear on my screen?

  • khoo yin yin

    hi i would like to ask.. is my employer be responsible to open an epf account for me?

    • mkyong

      99% employer will do it for you.

      • Vijay

        Company is not able do th esign in PF form , it means suddenly company shut down no one is not responding at that time how to we apply for PF our own.



  • chartered accountants india

    very informative details regarding epf thankx a ton

  • mkyong

    For all readers:

    If you have any questions for your EPF account. Please call EPF.
    Telephone number: 03-89226000

    They are happy to answer your specified problem :)

  • sivaram

    I have got i-account is it possible to check the arrears of my employer
    contribution to my account eg from year1983 till year 2010

  • sivaram

    Its regarding my i-akaun i did write to the inquiry section of i-akaun
    to know about my contribution from eployeers right from year 1982 –
    2010 . I will indeed be very much pleased to get the statement

  • inthu

    i want to check my epf statement but i forgot my epf no? pls advise me

  • Faridah bt abdul majid

    I want to check my statement for 2009

  • zu aleynazrin

    i want to check EPF account number.

    • mkyong

      Do you means you want to know what is your EPF account number?

    • Faridah bt abdul majid

      I want to check the the balance of my EPF account

      • http://[email protected] LOW BEE KIM

        I want to check the balance of my EPF account

  • doeryn

    how i am going to do if the record stated were not tele with the estimate amount for years working..employer? or EPF updated procedures?

    • mkyong

      direct go and talk with the EPF staff will do.

  • http://IwanttomyEPFStatement Mohd Imran Shah Abdullah

    I want to check my EPF statement of 2009

    • mkyong

      Just follow the guide and register an online account in KWSP, you will be able to check your EPF statement anytime.