Long time ago, you have to visit the KWSP counter to check your Employees Provident Fund (EPF) balance or print your annual EPF statement.

Nowadays, Malaysia’s government done a good job on published the KWSP service online (Online EPF Account). With Online EPF service , you can check your EPF balance, printing the EPF statement, EPF details like when your employer bank in the EPF money into your account, EPF “Account 1″ and “Account 2″ detail and so on.

The process of how do apply EPF “i-Account” is involved many steps, i had split it into three parts for the readability purpose..

  • How to apply an online EPF account (i-account) on KWSP website?
  • How to collect EPF i-Account “activation code”?
  • How to activate our Online EPF account with our “activation code”?

Steps of apply the online EPF account

1. Visit the KWSP website http://www.kwsp.gov.my.

2. Click the “I-Account image”.
P.S Website’s default language is Malay, you can click on the “house” image at up-right corner area to change it

3. Click on the “Register Your Member i-Akaun” or “i-Account“.

4. Click on the “Register as Member“.

5. Key in your EPF number and IC number.

6. Key in the code show in the image and click on the “daftar” (malay) button.

7. Done.

You EPF (i-account) is not active now, you have to collect the activation code to activate it.

Please proceed on the next article – How to collect EPF i-Account “activation code”?

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