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Last week, I wrote a full review of the book – Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook, and the article is promoted to a big link on DZone. Now, The Packt Publishing is agreed to give away a FREE copy of this ebook for TWO lucky winners.

Overview of Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook

It contains over 60 examples to show you how to do multithreaded programming in Java. It shows varies threading topics from beginner level to advanced level, including thread management like create, interrupt and monitor thread, using Java 5 Executor frameworks to run or schedule threads, and the latest Java 7 fork/Join… Read the full review

1. How to Win?

This contest is open for everyone, all you need to do is …

  1. Like this post, click “Like” button on the left of the floating bar.
  2. Comments below why you need this book.

That’s all and you could be one of the 2 lucky participants to win the e-copy.

P.S Winners will be selected based on the best comment about why you need this book :)

2. Contest Status : closed

The contest will close on 23/12/2012. Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment!

3. Winners

Two of the lucky winners are

  1. Igwe Kalu
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  • DaniĆ«ls Thierry


    loved the website, just got a suggestion, never thought about archives to download the tutorials? it’s easier to work with it offline.
    thumbs up for the work :-)

  • Shrinidhi H A

    I am a Lead Engineer with lot of passion in MultiThread Coding in Java using different APIs from 1.4 to 1.7.

  • Igwe Kalu

    I’m very lucky! Thank you very much, Mkyong!!

    • Raj

      So u think u have won it? Then wake up…I have won both of them…:)

  • Abdennour

    I’m the engineer who advise his colleagues to follow your site .
    Several of engineers have known your site via me.

  • Abdennour

    I thought that you are generous more than 2 winners/300 comments.

    I’m disappointed

    • mkyong

      Sorry, it’s the book publisher (packtpub) decided to give away ONLY 2 books for free, I’m just the “deliver”.

      • Abdennour

        Mkyong, I’m so sorry . I love Java World and I don’t imagine that I’ve lost . so, I said the words above under a state of shock.
        Really, I’m sorry.

  • Abdennour

    It’s not me who is in need off this book but the entire human kind !
    let me explain it to all of you, I’m a developer whether during office hours or spare time, especially during long winter nights, my special skill … Ohh ! I’m a bug exterminator, not the ones you found in old 5 time century house ceiling but the one coming from another planet and because there’s too much of’em I have to build a robust concurrent solution to exterminate’em all.

    Also, I need this book because I’m a book hunter, but this is another story ..

    • Abdennour

      I’ve applied multi-threading in several Swing applications I have created, one of them a research project, the job gets done but not as good as I expected. When I used concurrency in my RCP application to load several large XML files concurrently, the result was that the application consumed too much of system resources.

      I guess I might be doing something wrongly, so I would like a chance like this to get a good book on concurrency to help me understand the subject better and improve the quality of my work.

  • Khanh

    It’s so great. I want to explore it.

  • Victor Rosenberg

    I love Java and really like this blog. The product I work on would really benefit concurrency-wise if this book will show me a new trick or two.

  • Moshe

    I need this book because I’m learning java, and I’m at the stage where I want to master concurrency. I’m a developer from Israel, and I really love this website, by the way ;-)

  • srikanth

    lets be strong in threads….

  • vipin

    I am a java beginner & PRACTICE on Core Java I would love to have this book to increase my java skills which is very important and the main point is that this can be suggest by MKYOUNG.

  • Anshul

    Need it for increasing my threading skills

  • Pankaj

    I am a java developer working on Core Java and J2EE projects, I would love to have this book to increase my java threading skills.

  • Quoc Trinh

    Concurrence is one of the most important topic if we want to be a master developer. I’m a java software engineer, and I’m willing to learn more about java.

  • Ashinkc

    i like to learn java and for concurrency control ill have to learn more advance tecnology

  • Muhammad Yousaf

    I recently faced this challenge of concurrency and I am looking forward to some good book to develop better understanding of it.

  • David Sachdev

    I’m a big fan of Concurrency in Practice, and I always say that it is a great book – but you can only digest a chapter or so at a time. The topic is heavy, but also one that every good developer needs to understand thoroughly. I’m interested in the Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook because both Java 6 and & have brought in technology to make concurrency easier – and also the best way to truly learn is by coding, and I hope that the cookbook will help me on that path!


  • Robert

    I’d like to learn it,Thanks.

  • Rajkiran

    Mkyong’s book review is prompting me for this interesting journey and is giving a feel that it will be a great java read.

  • Tareque Md Khan

    Any material by mkyong is fit for easy understanding for the beginner and at the same time serves as a reference for experts. And this is a complete book, that means there is a lot of explanation with a lot of practical examples, which makes a must source of knowledge to posses.

  • Abhay Pore

    i need this to learn more java ;)