Last week, I wrote a full review of the book – Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook, and the article is promoted to a big link on DZone. Now, The Packt Publishing is agreed to give away a FREE copy of this ebook for TWO lucky winners.

Overview of Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook

It contains over 60 examples to show you how to do multithreaded programming in Java. It shows varies threading topics from beginner level to advanced level, including thread management like create, interrupt and monitor thread, using Java 5 Executor frameworks to run or schedule threads, and the latest Java 7 fork/Join… Read the full review

1. How to Win?

This contest is open for everyone, all you need to do is …

  1. Like this post, click “Like” button on the left of the floating bar.
  2. Comments below why you need this book.

That’s all and you could be one of the 2 lucky participants to win the e-copy.

P.S Winners will be selected based on the best comment about why you need this book :)

2. Contest Status : closed

The contest will close on 23/12/2012. Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment!

3. Winners

Two of the lucky winners are

  1. Igwe Kalu
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