Page Template dropdown missing in WordPress 2.5

Today i want to create a new page template for different display purpose, just create a new page template as following content

Template Name: New Template

save it as “newtemplate.php” and uploaded to theme folder.

However when i want to create a new page and choose my newly created page template. I can not find any Page Template drop down in my WordPress 2.5, it will automatically display in WordPress version < 2.5 . What's wrong with version2.5? After try and error few time i find the following solution is work for me. 1) Design -> Theme Editor -> Page Template (page.php) (Default Page Template)

2)Append following code at top of the page.php (Template name can be anything)

Template Name: Default

3) Saved it.

4) Page template drop down is display in write page now.

I really do not know why this happened? Is this a bug in WordPress 2.5? No idea, however above solution is work for me. Hope Help.

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  • http://þÿ Maria Lorion

    Hello.This post was extremely fascinating, particularly since I was searching for thoughts on this issue last Sunday.

  • sulap

    i just got curious how can you find the tweak of this bug. ur post really helpful.

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  • kathy

    Thanks…your information really helped.

  • dandy

    Thanks alot mkyong.
    I had this problem in WP 2.9.1
    Searched for hours and then found you page. And this works some how. Thanks alot for sharing.

    • mkyong

      What? WP2.9.1 still has still problem? Wonder why they do not fix it?

  • daniel

    Wow man your information really helpful, it saves me more than 2 hours of trial i suppose. but anyway i just got curious how can you find the tweak of this bug?

    • mkyong

      luck…haha, i just follow the default page template, it’s just work like a charm :)

  • gyangting

    This post was pretty helpful to me. The probelm still exists in WP 2.8.4 and the solution above works pretty well still.


    • mkyong

      np ~ just wonder why WordPress team didnt fix it ?

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  • cordle

    It’s 2.6 — I need to upgrade. Thank you.

    • mkyong

      sorry, i’m using ver 2.6 as well, it’s seem no problem for me. Hope you can get a solution soon and share it to me :)

  • cordle

    Thanks — this looks like what I need for a similar problem:
    there is no drop down for “Password Protect This Page” — Do you know how I could fix this please?

    • mkyong

      Password Protect This Page is not a drop down list, it’s display as a single box, may i know your wordpress version?

  • Pali Madra


    Thank you for the fix!

    It worked for me when I updated to 2.6.5 therefore this holds true today as well.

  • ooopinionsss

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

  • XHTML Dude

    Thanks man, this really helped me, i am n00b in WP, and was confused the first time i make a perfect template page but ut was not being recognized/shown in the drop down.

    That really pissed me off until i found this post. Thanks again for writing this.

    • mkyong

      welcome, actually i suffer a lot from this issue as well ~ hope it fixed in latest WP release