How to backup wordpress database – phpMyAdmin

It’s always advice to backup our WordPress database regularly to avoid some data disaster like database crashed in our hosting provider. Here i will demonstrate how do backup our WordPress database in phpMyAdmin page.

P.S PhpMyAdmin is the name of the program used to manipulate our database. If your hosting do not provide PhpMyAdmin function, i will advise you consider to change your hosting provider :)

How do backup wordpress database

1) Access our cpanel or any control panel provided by our hosting provider, click PhpMyAdmin icon

2) After Log into phpMyAdmin on our server, select the database we want to backup.

P.S _wrdp1 is the database we want to backup.

3) Next screen will show us all the tables inside our WordPress database (_wrdp1). Just have a look and click the Export tab.

4) Click “select All” (default) to select all our tables that need to backup, just leave all the default option, it should be enough at most time.

5) Click “go” to start download database data in a text file (SQL file).

6) Done, all data has been exported into a text file mkyongco_wrdp1.sql.

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